Amnesia Haze, OG Kush and Super Skunk... meet the Growbot( for entertainment purposes only)



A real beauty right there, well done!! @Holmes


Great job, I leveraged your GrowBot for my frame/cart design. I may post a photo when I get the main room going again in a few days.

Thanks for the inspiration.


Appreciate the kind words, best luck with this one!


Set to watching, buddy. Go Big Blue


I’ll be watching. AH is one of my wife’s favorites, and I love the other two! Good selections, and impressive delivery time…way to go ILGM!


Thanks for the nice words :wink:


@Big123 thanks man I am tokin on one as I type, and it sets the tone.
@merlin44 that is why we are here brother, if not for ideas then inspiration. Glad to maybe further your grow experience I know I have gained knowledge from your grows.
@dbrn32 you have earned it man, Damn …seems like you are everywhere helping all of us.
@Grandaddy013 your ladies have recovered well they are a tough weed, and want to live. That is right on the GO BIG BLUE maybe get number ten this year.
@elheffe702 good to see you brother hope all is well.
@Hogmaster again you have earned my thanks man, keep up the good work
Sorry I left out @latewood, My mind was too high? but thanks for all you do too man and I am sure you do more than we know.


Waddup @Holmes you know I’m here :call_me_hand:t3:


Set to watching good luck on grow


@Budbrother Gotcha man! I finally got my shit in one sack, I think. Started some Green Queen and my heater died and so did my seedlings. Got that worked out so here I am, hopefully I can build at least a couple QB lights before flower…wish in one hand right?


Thanks @BigDaddyCain


I’m waiting on the last of my hvac parts to get here so I can finally get my room done. Lovin your new digs but no like to give just yet. See you in an hour with them :+1:t3:


I’m watching too!


Appreciate it brother, @Big123


This is wicked cool!! I’ll be following :sunglasses:


Welcome aboard @GreenThunder .You still enjoying that beautiful view?


Do you mean this one…

or this one

Or maybe this


a top pic.
b middle pic.
c bottom pic.
d all the above
UH lets see aaaaaaaa UH…
d is my answer . actually it was c but you gave a stoner too many choices man! Still Beautiful.


Pic C is actually the other side of this mountain that I live next to. I was at Home Depot Friday after work and that view caught my eye. Pic B was taken from the same spot but looking the other direction and was taken as I left HD.


I’m diggin those GrowBots @Holmes . I can’t wait to see them full of Green . A QB above a GrowBot would be a perfect fit . Set to watching and best of luck .