Amnesia Haze, OG Kush and Super Skunk... meet the Growbot( for entertainment purposes only)


First I want to thank Robert(the head) for…
1.seeds (of course)
2.for providing us all a place to do what we do here
3.the knowledgebase of the ILGM collective
4.just obviously being one of the coolest guys on the planet. (see #s 1, 2and3)
and then there is @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @garrigan65 @dbrn32 @MattyBear and others I am missing (the body)

and then there are the forum usersl… which are the soul! again thank you.
Now as stated we have Amnesia Haze, OG Kush and Super Skunk( ILGM outdoor mixpack) which I received 3.5 days from from confirmation of payment. They are in a mixture of store bought raised bed soil and organic compost, with Perlite, 10 gal fabric pots, Growth Science nutrient line and at the moment the same old blurple Vipar Spectra 600 reflector series until further notice.
planted 2,SSK 1,OGK 1,AMH on 2-5, 3 popped on2-8 and the OGK popped around 11am 2-9
Super Skunk 1

Super Skunk 2
OG Kush
Amnesia Haze

Blackberry OG

as you already know I am high… the Blackberry OG is goooood!.


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Woohoo thanks for the tag :grin: I’ll be following along as your ladies grow up and sprout big bountiful buds :wink:


Off to another great start. Hoping for a pound for you! @Holmes


GL on your grow @Holmes good looking pup on you pic, i miss my major dude. are you taking them outside or going to grow complete inside?


I’m here for the ride.


I built 3 of these carts thought it may make it easier on my body to work on the plants. I have also moved from a 13 sqft closet to an 80sqft room and still have work to do on venting, climate control.

This is growbot at the moment it is a 40" X 40" scrog but is a little bigger than my stoned mind envisioned while building(you know bigger scrog= bigger buds =bigger yields=bigger bigger bigger. I will lower the top down to around 10"


Following for sure good luck on your grow


With all this bigger stuff are you from TEXAS. lol


Thank you @ missiles


Thanks man but I hope it is closer to two LOL


Thanks brother ,He is my big buddy. These will stay inside.


Appreciate the company and good words @Haildamaged


great on the grow room. @Holmes
i had a german shep live with me on the road doing startups for auto industry for ten years. i’m living the Mr. Bojangles part of the song " after thirty years he still greaves" he was a great dog, and i will have another when the situation permits.


Not from Texas @ntmaremach , that closet was killing me man


I started out growing under the stairs going down cellar. Wasn’t big enough so I built a small 4X4 which still wasn’t big enough. I built a 5X10 and now that’s doable but now needed a bigger veg. room. I built a 4X8 for that and you never know with me what’s coming next according to my wife. I use the closet under the stairs for storage, I use the 4X4 for my drying so everything worked out.


I have always enjoyed the company of a dog (and some horses) over most people. I mean people are fun and all, but man they can be mean sometime