Amnesia Haze In Humidity Domes

I live in the desert so no humidity to speak of.
Thought I would try starting 10 Amnesia Haze seedlings and place into “humidity domes/plastic bottles” and see how they would do.
Really pleased with germination. 10 for 10 popped out of their shells and were placed into soil within 24 hours.
I use a damp paper towel and place inside a inflated gallon plastic bag. Put into darkness. Easy and works.
I am using a 300wt LED light 18hrs on 6 off.
The sprouts jumped out of the soil so I’m thinking they really like the humidity.
I started these Amnesia Haze seeds 10-23-21.
Placed into plastic bottles 10-25-21
Removed 2 covers on 11-4
Transplanted 2 into larger bottles on 11-4.
I will post as they progress.


Looking good nice job.

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How’s the farming going so far? They looked great as sprouts!!! :ok_hand::seedling:🪴:star_struck:

What size pot are you moving to? Are you going with a super soil, basic soil, blended soil, hydro, etc.?

Are you going to top, lst, hst, mother out, etc.?

Grow ‘em big and let the good times roll!!! :+1::+1::+1:

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I love these Amnesia Haze seeds.
Thinned down to 7 seeds from 10.
Planted the 3 that were bumped outside. Wrong time of year but can’t bear to yank them.
Here is an update. I have removed domes from all bottles 3-4 days ago.
I also transplanted 3 seeds that were in qt bottles to the final pots that I use.
The seedlings were a bit leggy but I raised the soil level when I transplanted them.
These pots work great as I like to tie the plants down and the lg diameter rim allows me to tie them easily.
I am amazed at the difference in size and growth of the 2 seedlings that were transplanted to the cut down liter bottles from qt bottles at 8-9 days. They are doing so well I will leave them in liter bottles another 3-5 days then place in final pots.
Next grow I will transplant all seedlings from qt size bottles to liter bottles as soon as they reach 2 1/2 -3 inches ht. About 8-9 days.
Be interesting to see if the sprouts that were transplanted directly to final pots will catch up to the 2 that are still in liter bottles.
Also I made a mistake on earlier post. I have a 1000wt led light not 300.
Check back in next week.

Thanks for the shout out. I am using Fox Farm soil from Amazon. No additives.
Pots are 12 inch diameter by 7 inches tall. Plastic hanging pots from Lowes.
I like the pots because I will LST, tie them down. Because they are auto flower the plants seem to grow better in a smaller pot due to the short grow period.

Amnesia Haze day 19 from germination, day 17 from soil introduction.
Thinned to 6 plants. I only have the 1000 wt LED and the space is stretched with the 6 plants.
I well thin to 4 plants in the next week or 2 unless I buy another light. Unfortunately this is a labor of love and I only consume maybe 1 plant every 3 months so tough to justify expense.

The 2 plants that I transplanted from qt bottle to liter bottle to 12x7 final pot are really doing well.(2 front left) I will be interested to see if the 4 plants that went from qt-final pot can catch up.
The last plant thinned will stay in pot and be placed outside in the sunniest spot I have. Even though these are auto flower with their own time schedule I have found that they still need that 18 hrs of lite or they kick into flowering and never grow much, certainly never get above 12 inches tall.
I don’t know if you folks watch the cannibals stocks but they are on fire. This last week that have broken to the upside with volume. TLRAY, CGC and IIPR are what I have been watching.
All for now.

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Amnesia Haze
Great Seeds
23 days in soil.
Circled 2 are topped.
LST starting tomorrow.
Zero issues

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LST Begins
Amnesia Haze.


Amnesia Haze 11-30-21
Down to 6.

weed 11-30-21B

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Amnesia Haze 12-7-21
Down to 5 indoor. All 10 seeds sprouted and are growing. As I reduce the indoor plants I move the ones I don’t want to keep under the light outside. I do this so I can maximize the 2ft x 2ft space under the light. I really enjoy tying an training the plants. The plants have been in soil for 40 days.

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Amnesia Haze,
Approx 6 weeks old.
Down to final 4.
Transplanted 5 others outside.
General question for anyone,
I have a general question for anyone on light schedule for auto flower seeds.
Should I lower lights from 18 hours to promote flowering?
If yes when?
My gut tells me to wait until plants are about 90 days old since the auto flower seems to take about 120 days until completion.

Leave the light schedule. They’re already flowering now.

Auto flower light schedule.

Just wasn’t sure if it would be helpful to reduce to 12 hr.
Light schedule will remain at 18 hr until harvest.
Thanks for input,

Reducing to 12 hours will reduce results for the most part