Amnesia Haze harvest

These are amnesia haze sprout time was February 28th do they look ready to harvest

I would wait until the trichomes at least start to turn amber

Looks great but I think you have a week or two

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She’s got some time left on her. How long has she been flowering? All those pistils will recede when she’s close. This is my amnesia when she was done. See how the pistols are no long standing up


Yup u got some swell left to go. Rule of thumb… usually all the pistils go amber and i see much less new pistil growth. Then buds swell. Then trich mature. With that many new ones still popping up? Id be setting my targets on another month to be safe


Thank you. I took them tonight but this is my first grow so it’s all experimental , I appreciate your input. There are many things I’ve done wrong, I didn’t fertilize enough and I will keep better records this time. It’s white widow next autoflower

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