Amnesia haze grow! First time ever growing

Feminized amnesia haze , flowering about halfway done I’d say , looking to get me a tent and a real set up in the building … but for my first time how’s it looking ? Is this how amnesia haze normally looks ? I have a lot of questions and just things I’m curious about ! Any info helps here’s my set up!

Well your in flower with CFL’s so your making it work congrats I haven’t seen that in a long time but yeah save up for some lights first and ASK AROUND Here BEFORE you buy any LED’s!


I loved growing my Amnesia Haze. Have any questions just ask.

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Welcome! And well done with what you have. Any lighting questions @dbrn32 is the local lighting guru. :+1: :sunglasses: :partying_face:


Plants look a little stretchy, but not terrible for what you’re working with. Look pretty healthy otherwise.

I just harvested my first grow ever, also amnesia Haze :slight_smile: mine was more compact looking and smaller because it was Autoflower.

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Stretchy? Like long . Lol yeah I’m trying to make th fatten up but never worked

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Exactly! Thank you couldn’t really afford a good grow tent yet for my building so I said line the closet with tinfoil :crazy_face: but seriously , how much bigger are these buds gonna get u think? I’ve done a lot of work been growing since the weekend after 9-11 , a lot of work for a lil bit of buds but hey it was a awesome learning experience and def for my first grow ever just jumping into it with a feminine plant I’m proud of my work it smells so so good can’t wait to taste

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Try to get a microscope the trichromes. I got a cheap one from Amazon and it works fine.

The photo shows what it looked like right after I cut it.

Its really hard to predict where they will end up under weak lighting, Good lights and conditions would have them fatten up a bit. Best bet is a magnifying glass and be guided by the colour of the trichomes. :+1: :face_with_monocle: :sunglasses:

My lights aren’t cheap”” tho they come from a weed website and was 75$ for just each lightbulb I belive it was called not to sure

Was yours feminized or auto?

Mine was feminized.