Amnesia Haze germinated but then died

From a fellow grower: Amnesia Haze photoperiod seeds germinated but did not come up after being transplanted, they got to 2.5 inches, and only grew 2 leaves, then died.

*amnesia haze
*buffered coco coir
*no ph runoff only seedlings
*small amount organic 4-4-4 and compost mixed in the coco
*spider farmer sf2000 dimmed to 15-20%
*18 hours on/6 off
*approximately 70-75F
*approx. 65-75rh
-ac infinity 6 inch exhaust fan and hanging fan in tent
*nothing else

Water? to much to little

Over watered would be my guess, but it’s hard to say for sure.

Sorry for your lose…sounds like you may have fried those seedlings. Be cautious when using “big box” food. I think making money is their priority (not a bad thing) but in time, they really put out a crappy product