Amnesia Haze germinate then get brown leaves and stop growing

From a fellow grower: ought 10 amnesia haze seeds. planted one. It came up great. Then in 9 days, leaves turned brown and plant stopped growing. So, I planted another one and same problem. I used Happy Frog soil, with 2 inches of seedling mix on top. No fertilizer, 600 watt grow light. Light was 24" from plant. Did not over water. this plant is 2 weeks out of the ground.I had to clip off the 1st set of true leaves as they were mostly brown. The edges are curling on the second set. I have moved the plant to 3 ft. from light source. It has not grown at all in 2 days. This is the same as the other seedling did. I water with clean rain water.


What’s the grow space temps and RH. Seedlings need 78-82 degrees and 65-70% RH for the 1st few weeks from breaking ground. A lot of us here will mist the inside of a clear solo cup and place it over the seedling when it breaks ground. They’ll absorb the moisture through their leaves and I’ll water about a shot glass around the outside of the cup every 3-4 days :love_you_gesture:


Good morning :smiley:. Seedlings will stall out while they are making roots. Your plant looks nice and green. I would stay the course. What kind of light is that. I’m not familiar with those? Happy Growing :blush::v: