Amnesia Haze first grow LED

Hi totally new to the forum
Ordered Amnesia Haze Seeds and they arrived right as scheduled and I am greatful
I am using a 1000 watt full spectrum LED in a tent type grow
First real attemp
Seeds sprouted in a day and then just a few days later out of the soil she came
4 weeks in they seem happy and beautiful
Nov 4th they showed there pretty face
Dec 9th plants approx 12 inches tall 7-9 leaf spans
6-7 nodes now and I am planning to pinch to go to next level
What I am wondering is can I trim at 4 nodes to start a clone ?
Or should I wait for more growth
I really want to clone these beutiful girls so this process can continue
I think I am in love with these ladies
Can someone please let me know thoughts on the cloning and clipping of one of these at the 4-5 node
Thank you to all who respond


Heck yea lookin good and welcome to the forum
Sorry have no clue on the clones ask @WillyJ
Awesome cloning technique and set up

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I take my clones just before or just after I switch to 12/12 I’ve never taken one from top I take them from the bottom but I dont see why not…give it a try if your topping your plant anyway :+1: @Amhz110417

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Hi there @Amhz110417

I normally take my cuttings when the plant is at least a month old, or at least a time line kind of like Willy.

I have however taken cuttings at all kinds of different times and from all over the plant. I better find something to knock on here but I have NEVER had a cutting that didn’t root. I’ve just been doing random pruning before and thought “what if” on some really tiny cuttings, dipped them in clonex, put them in rock wool and under a t5 and they root every time.

Where I notice the difference in a good cutting and a weak cutting is the time frame they take to root, weaker cuttings take longer, and of course the smaller the cutting, the smaller the plant you have to begin with


I transplanted the girls last night
Root ball looked great
Gonna wait until established in new pots before I clip
I as well believe I will wait for at least 8 weeks before I try to clone


Everyone has said it quite well on matter of clones. Am Haze was my first grow. Theyre hardy tough girls beautiful to look upon. Very smooth taste! Youll love them!
Welcome, Happy Growing!

update on the girls gonna go 12 12 this weekend can anyone agree or disagree on the color too green ?


Looks good to me BUT I’m a newbie :grin::wink:
Maybe a touch of nute burn ???:confused:

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Yes, just a touch