Amnesia haze first grow help

I started my grow for my first 10 seeds indoor, and transplanted 9 outside with no problems, and kept one inside. Are these bottom leaves turning slightly yellow a problem? It’s around day 32 for them, and I know this strain takes around 8 weeks to flower, but is it a little small? Or is this normal?


Welcome ! The small single leafs on the bottom will eventually fall off that would be the norm.

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Absolutely true. What size pot and for how long have they been in it?

And can we see the whole plant?

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You’re looking at closer to 12 weeks from light flip. Mine took 11 weeks from start of flower, 13 weeks from light flip. And those starter leaves don’t last long. They’re there to just get the plant going then they’re not needed anymore.

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That looks like it maybe overwatering. How often do you wet the soil?

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I had one large watering around 3 days ago when I transplanted into this larger bucket. I haven’t watered since because it’s still moist

You would eventually remove them if they did not fall off. Those leaves were the catalyst to the early plant growth and will be used up.

Let her adjust to the bigger pot before watering again. Maybe her feet are just too damp.