Amnesia Haze Autoflower

Bought three seed strains from ILGM: Amnesia Haze Autoflower, Northern Lights Auto and Blueberry Auto. My question is about the Amnesia Haze. Two were started on July 25 (and today is Oct. 14th), Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze. The Northern Lights plant looks close to being harvested, going by what I’ve read on this forum and others…namely that most but not all of the trichomes look cloudy, there’s no amber trichomes yet and many of the pistols are still white and straight. The Northern Lights had a grow time of 7-9 weeks, but now I’m not sure if that is the time from sprouting to harvest or if it is supposed to flower for 7-9 weeks (new grower here…).

Anyway, the main question I have is about the Amnesia Haze plant, which has been growing from July 25 until today, Oct. 14…but I don’t see any pistils or flowers starting on the Amnesia Haze. Is this normal? And if it starts flowering, how many weeks will that take, approximately? It has been growing about 11 weeks and I thought the entire grow time for Amnesia Haze was 10-12 weeks from sprout to harvest.

The NL one looks pretty good to me, some nice buds forming…I think they are a week or less away from harvesting (I hope!) Any ideas about the Amnesia Haze being slow to start flowering? Thanks in advance, people. I’ve learned a lot over the past few weeks from this forum and you growers here, and for a first time grower it has been invaluable, it gave me enough good information for me to try to grow it myself instead of spending a lot of money every month in buds.

If successful getting the picture on here, the plant on your right is the Northern Lights, the dark green one (without flowers!) is the Amnesia Haze Auto.

intriguing to me — how “blue” can these off-beat strains get? im way too early/young farmer - presume the details of growing true blue buds is — post-doctoral

i just sorta did ok in freshman 101

Well so did I , and eight weeks on this is how they look.


Have a read of some of the posts here and should put you in the picture.