Amnesia Haze Autoflower still in vegetative stage


A question of a fellow grower:
I bought some Northern Lights Auto seeds and some Amnesia Haze Auto seeds. Both were planted on July 25 and I harvested the NL weeks ago and was very pleased with the results. The Amnesia Haze Auto, however, is still in vegetative stage, no sign of flowering. It has been about 16 weeks, is this normal…will it eventually flower, or should I pull it up and start another Amnesia Haze Auto seed? Below is a picture of the plant as of today, Nov. 25th. Thanks in advance for you weighing in on my question.


You can try decreasing the light schedule a little bit yes it will flower. I had a northern light go 16 weeks.


I agree with @kellydans. Flip the lights to 12 12 schedule and see what happens. If it’s a photo plant than hold on for the stretch. That sucker is going to be big. It also looks like the plant is hungry. You will want to feed it.
Amnesia Haze can be tricky to grow. Well done for getting the plant to where it is. I’m pretty certain that if no buds have formed you have a photo plant on your hands. If so, you’ve set yourself up nicely for a good harvest.


12/12 is the best for autos in my opinion change your lights and they will take off


I am having the same problem let me know when it starts to bud


Thanks a lot for your suggestions, I would have posted the question here instead of emailing ILGM for help, but I couldn’t figure out how to post the picture on this forum. But it was easy sending the picture along with the email to ILGM and they posted my question here.

I just switched the timer from 18 hours on and 6 hours off to 12-12 like you s I have been giving it some Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom twice a week, but at 1/4 doses from their recommendation.

Some of the big fan leaves have started turning yellow so I raised the two LED lights up from 16 inches to 20 inches (it kinda grew upwards through the scrog on me without me checking the distance) and will see what that does. But you have definitely eased my mind when you all say it will eventually flower. I’ve been waiting since it sprouted on July 25th so I sure can wait a few more weeks. This is only the 2nd plant I’ve tried to grow, the first was the Northern Lights that grew nicely, although I harvested it a tad too early…still good smoke but could have been better. I made the rookie mistake of harvesting too early, even with the jewelers loupe thing…when to harvest is trickier than it seems it would be, especially for a rookie like me. Need a bit more patience on my part.

Thanks to Kellydans, shindig and Hogmaster for your help! I will come back here when it’s harvested to let you know how it went.


Along with changing the light schedule you can try to add flowering nutes for one feeding. That might help them switch to flower. I just had 2 autos that had no signs of flowering. I did it and they started to show. Make sure you go back to veg nutes for a few weeks to help with the growth spurt.


Mine are taking time but flowering. Relax and enjoy. I heard good things come to those who wait


As suggested…12/12 n flowering additives to jump start the autos.

No way you should let them go 16 weeks. Be aware, you might get a big stretch.


I’m having the same issue with my amnesia haze auto flower. It seems I had actually a lot of flowers and went out of town so my lights stayed on for four days. I came home and the plant is back in veg, very vigorous veg in fact. I will switch over to 12/12 light schedule and see if I can finish this thing up as my plants are 14 weeks right now


These are the latest images after 24/7 lights for four days on accident. I had no idea an auto could go bac into veg.


The Amnesia Haze Auto did start flowering a few days after taking your suggestions here of going 12 hours on/12 hours off with the LED light instead of the 18 hours on/6 hours off they were on and giving them some blooming and flowering nutrients (at 1/4 the recommended strength, some growers on the forums say to be careful with the amount of nutrients you give to autos, suggesting we go about 1/4 strength). So thanks a lot for that, now it’s more waiting. Is there a range for how many weeks the Amnesia Haze will be flowering before ready to harvest? 6 weeks? 8 weeks? Impossible to guess?