Amnesia Haze Autoflower not Flowering - End of week 8

Hey ILGM Members,

I have an Amnesia Haze Autoflower that is at the end of week 8 and it does not appear to be flowering. (Well she looks like shes been stuck on pre-flowering for 3 weeks now) It has been on a 18/6 light schedule. She is tall at about 4 foot. Leaves have been drooping for weeks. They perk up a little bit after watering but don’t last very long. I am not over watering. She gets watered about every 3 days or once the soil is dry 2 inches down.

She is growing in Fox Farms Ocean Forest and perlite. The last 3 weeks I have been giving big bloom liquid nutes which don’t appear to be doing anything. I watered her yesterday with just PH 6.5 water to see if she improves.

Any other suggestions of what is going on and how to fix it?

Here are some pics

Maybe you aren’t watering enough? 3 days seems like a long time to go without a drink.


i agree seems to be shes hungry if leaves perk up for a sec then goes back the same

Looks like a lockout of nutes to me. In other words, you overload on something, and blocked out other nutes, am new, and can’t give specific.

I mean I try not to over water or under water… she seems to stay wet up until end of day 3. I guess it could be lockout since she doesn’t appear to be absorbing much nutes. She has gotten even taller (continued to veg) in those 3 weeks but no more progress in flowerings.

What is the best to help with nute lockout? Just keep flushing her? If so, for how long?

@Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @kellydans any ideas?

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If you wanted to flower, shouldn’t you switch to a 12/12 cycle?

I shouldn’t have to with it being an auto flower tho… I have another Amnesia Haze that is doing just fine as well as 2 other strains…

Hhhmmmm interesting :thinking: well that was my only thought sorry for not having your answer.

Welcome ! my first thoughts I would get a run off and check. PPM an PH and Make adjustments accordingly. After water run off let the pot dry back out for about 3 days. what size pot ,how often are you watering ,and how much are you water ?


I water every 2 Days depending on the medium.


I just finished a grow of amnesia haze autos. They are very sensitive to PH. They first couple of pictures I was in the process of sorting out PH and nutrients. As to flowering they are well into flower and look good.
These are of 2 of them on day 55

and side by side a week later - day 62 . #3 on the left stretched so much I had to bend her and tie her to a tomato cage.
The point being, they put on weight during this period.
Side by side again at harvest - day 118


Like stated you need a runoff PH and TDS.


Do you prune your autoflowering plants?

I’ve pruned a handful of the larger fan leaves at the bottom that were either not getting light or were dying off.

I will get PH and TDS of run off the next time I water her.

She is growing in a 3 gallon smart pot with Fox Farms Oceans Forest mixed with Perlite. I am feeding her 1 gallon each watering mixed with 3 teaspoons of Fox Farms Bloom Big.

Last I checked the run off it was 6.3PH and TDS around 1200.

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That’s crazy it took them 118 days (almost 4 months) when the site states 8 weeks till harvest haha. I figured it would be 10 weeks maybe 11 weeks max to harvest but not 118 days!

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Sounds like a plan ! your last numbers look good.

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