Amnesia Haze Autoflower Grow Journal

White widow. First time growing

Looking good!

looks like a good start to me, keep up the good work.

hey @raustin and @Sixpackdad where are you guys at?

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I’ve been a little under the radar the past few weeks but still here. I need to get some posts up on my plants. I’ve been slacking on my journals. Hope all is well!


I have, you can read the details in my grow journal.

Come on now, dont hold out on us!

I like to live under the radar! :sunglasses:

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Thanks @Sixpackdad.
@kw_Bat I suppose instead of saying germinating I should I said growing.
The first seed I know I overwatered trying to compensate for the extremely low humidity.
The second germinated, grew a small root then just stopped and decayed.
This third seedling, thanks to the advice of @Bubblehead with watering has been doing wonderfully and so far is still extremely vigorous and healthy.
I basically allowed the entire pot to dry well, then planted in the center with just the amended coco coir and only watered small amounts around the cup once placed on top of the seedling.
This has allowed the roots to search for water and oxygen to permeate the soil better.

Ill probably wait until day 20 to post another picture.



Lets do this! BAM!

I’m glad that you’re experiencing some success. It discouraging when it doesn’t quite go your way. Anything else just ask.


Well I said I wasn’t going to post until day 20 however today marks week two.
Watered today with a half gallon. pH 6.5, 220ppm TDS using 1 tsp molasses and 1 ML BPN seaweed extract.
I also turned on the COBs in the fixture today and moved the pot to the back left corner.
Lights are 36" above the pot right now.

Heres the Amnesia Haze at 14 days:


looks like 4th node starting, great start @42OhCan, mine are a week older than yours. with that start i think you will be impressed what they do in the next week. keep up the good work! oops sorry, mine are two weeks older than yours.

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@monkman same strain?

I wish lol no, i’m running white widow fems, just put them in darkness for 17 hours and will start 12/12 tomorrow morning at 10am. my little guys are left in veg tent by themselves… one white widow and one purple pinecone bag seed.

@42OhCan nice & healthy and we are about the same stage :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

I have the same slight leaf curl… Not concerned though as it’s lower leaf like yours. As long as the fresh leaves are good see are good :+1:

@GreenCoat you know I saw that…
I was watching it. Not sure what caused it.
None of the newer sets have that so I contributed to it just being genetic, or possibly exposure to UV (395nm) or something.
Doesn’t seem bothered by it, nor has it progressed on the affected leaves.

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3 weeks today! Day 21.

Started LST today by bending over the top and stretching side branches out toward the other end.
Also tucked one of the big leaves in the center down so it won’t block light from all the side branches.

After the LST:



You got yourself a BUSH!!! Mine are both that way but coming along great. They look good, good job :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

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wow, great looking start @42OhCan

LOL, tied her all up… A bushy lady