Amnesia Haze Autoflower Grow Journal

because of the success of my grow last year, and still sitting on quit the number of seeds I ordered last year, I decided to pop an Amnesia Haze Autoflower from ILGM (of course) toward the end of February.

The tent was taken down from my AK-47 grow, sanitized, moved, and put back together in a better location I am hoping.
I was also able to vent the inline fan out into the attic as well to increase air exchange in the grow tent.

I grew organically last year, and the AK-47 Auto turned out to be pretty decent stuff, yielding in at just over a quarter pound (4.3 oz) in usable, manicured flower. Here she is in late flower:

The tent is a ViparSpectra 36" x 36" x 72" grow tent.

Lighting is a PFW 640 LED/COB via Amazon:

4" inline fan from Vivisun with carbon filter
floor fan on low for air circulation.

Soil is 4 parts FFOF, 1 part rehydrated coco coir with 1/4 tsp dr earth all purpose organic dry amendment and perlite added, and 5-7% additional perlite added to this mix. BPN root magic was also added to all the soil once mixed together per instructions on the canister.

I am growing in a 5 gallon fabric pot with handles just like last grow.

After germinating using the 24 hr soak, and paper towel method plus inoculating the taproot with BPN root magic mycorrhizae I planted it in the center of the pot with about 1 cup of just the coco coir mix in the center, to hopefully prevent nutrient shock from using FFOF. Also sprinkled a little root magic in the hole where the seedling was placed.
I thought if the seedling had time to establish and grow into the FFOF it would help with preventing nutrient shock from using a hot soil.
Here is a picture of what I mean:

I am using oxygenated tap water that has been ran through a carbon reactor to remove impurities.
TDS is usually around 170ppm.

Nutrients are BPN seaweed extract at quarter strength for now, and good ol’ organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses.

Watering at a pH of 6.8, just plain water for the first week, and just have started quarter strength BPN seaweed extract and molasses.

Around week 4-6 about a week and a half after preflowers show Ill top dress the soil using quarter strength or third strength dr earth flower girl.

Heres the little seeding now just barely a week after breaking the soil surface:

We’ve had a bad cold front move through and the humidity has been super low, 25-30% at best.
I have been having to run a humidifier on high 24/7.
Temps are around 72-82F depending on the time of day.

I’ve been using a humidity dome (bottom half of a water bottle) and misting frequently this week to try and keep humidity levels up.


Good luck with your grow!

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Well, after battling severely low humidity and overwatered to compensate for it (dumb). I ended up with this 17 day old overwatered dying seedling:

So I decided to cull the seedling, and start over.
Dropped another AH auto seed in a cup of oxygenated warm water last night.
Lets try this again…

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To bad you cut it. You could have saved her if you nursed her along. She actually doesn’t look unsalvagable.


I inspected the base of the stem when I culled, and the base where the roots meet the stem had collapsed slightly and was very purple.
The general unhealthy appearance made me go ahead with the culling.


Purple isn’t necessarily bad. From the photo the stem looked fine. Yes it could have been overwatered but it could have grown through that if you provided enough light to dry out the soil a bit and to provide some nutrition through photosynthesis.

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This was unhealthy (brown stem ring). Had to prop the upper plant up. She still pulled through to provide 7Z.


that’s almost what it looked like at the very base, beneath the soil line.
I suspect damping off due to overwatering.

Yup. Those anerobic nasty fkrs love lots of water and no O2

I have a good amount of perlite in the soil mix, but I literally watered 3 gallons in 17 days, and was misting it heavily daily for the last week with a humidity dome.

I am letting the soil dry out very well before I start this next seedling in it.
The soil should be pretty dry in the next 3 days.

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Three gallons? She’s only an inch tall. Let the roots search for water water a circle around the plant and not at the base. Just a bit will do and not every day. You want the roots to grow down.


I was watering around the perimeter of the pot, hoping that it would help increase the humidity as it evaporated. Silly me! :roll_eyes:

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My adult plants are almost ready for harvest and they are getting between 3-4 gallons every 10-14 days.

Let the soil dry out then put the cup in the picture over the plant. Us the cup as a pattern and water a circle around the plant like @WickedAle has recommended.

I currently have two plants that since and they are getting less than an ounce maybe twice a week.


My auto am haze is 38 days old today she is 25 inches tall grows approx at least an inch a day can’t wait till she starts flowering


My bad she’s 19 inches. My og kush is a beast that’s the other one I mentioned


Spray the inside of the cup and put over plant that I’ll be enough humidity. Young plants pick up lots of water through their leaves.


@Bubblehead how long do you usually keep a dome over a seedling?


Well…that is a challenging question. My first grow I was able to keep my tent at proper temp and humidity so I did not use a dome. I currently have two that were started about 2 weeks ago, they will be under the dome until they out grow it. The reason for the change, my first grow is ending so the room with the tents has a low RH right now. I expect them to be under the dome for another 2-weeks or until they are transplanted.


My advice is to put a cover over the top soil and keep that moist. that would be plenty to keep the young seedling drawing water from.

High humidity means there is lots of moisture in the air so by watering and adding high humidity, is overdoing it.

Spray the soil and spray the top of the plant that’s all you need to do for young seedling.

Just use a very fine Mist


The seedling cracked but the taproot is tiny, so Im going to leave it in the papertowel for another 24 hours before transplanting it.

The soil in the main pot is dry as a bone several inches down now. Humidity is 20-25%. Temps are 70-81F