Amnesia Haze autoflower first grow

I killed all of my blueberry seeds and three of my amnesia haze before I got them to germinate properly. All of it due to inexperience. I’m learning a lot but my girls are healthy


Welcome to the community.

Thank you I’m learning a lot it’s a fantastic site

A couple of things. Make sure you have your ph dialed in. When I grew AH auto I was negligent in that regard and lost a plant a couple weeks into flower. It was from of combination of high ph and way too much nutrients,
I would also recommend LST. ILGM says it is compact but with its high sativa % it can really take off during stretch. Also, keep their heights as even as possible. I made the mistake of not doing that.
Here are two of the three survivors. The plant on the left ended up around 30 - 32". I threw a tomato cage around it mid grow for support and to tie the main stem to it after bending it. The one on the right was topped and therefore not as tall.

These are the two main stems from topping. An exhibit of apical dominance

They are a great plant if you treat them well. Good luck

Thank you for your input I monitor the pH in the soil and the water the nutrients also I bought the whole kit from Vizio Sun and I’m just learning how to use it. My pH is running six and a half in the soil and they seem to be loving it. My nutrients I have in a spray bottle and in a gallon jug that I use sparingly. My mother had houseplants when I was young and I learned quite a bit about how to keep plants healthy then but this is a whole new experience. Your photos and the information about the tomato cage is really helpful I believe I’m going to raise my light and I have a net that I can put down but I was concerned that they had come too far and I didn’t want to harm them but if they continue growing like your plants they will grow up into the net. Again thank you for your help

Looks like the WW is starting to flower… They look good

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Ty. I’m learning a lot we’ll see in a few weeks lol

My sisters are doing well, I believe the difference in stature is due to genetics. I monitor the pH of the water daily and the pH of the soil every few days and fertilize according to the ILGM guidelines. A couple people that have been going through the growing experience for a long time in my area said they’re looking and smelling great so I’m happy for now