Amnesia haze auto

Stopped by a buddies and fellow hobbyist and was looking in on his and noticed the fan leaves were ginormous measuring 7”x9” all but blocking the light penetration. So my question is what’s your guys opinion on pruning some of these monsters? I know that the are the solar panel to the plant but they’re blocking so much light I’m not sure what approach he should take? The plant just started developing pistols. @raustin @Hogmaster @PurpNGold74 anyone else all feedback is appreciated!


Id much rather tuck that monster then cut her! Wow they are super sexy tho


You can prune a few leaves if you want, but don’t go crazy, just a few on the bottom that aren’t getting much light, or on the top if they’re blocking buds. Try to tuck where you can.


I’d tuck them under the new offshoots.


I cut the big fans on the top. They are blocking light going to the smaller leaves.

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