Amnesia Haze Auto Third Indoor Grow


Your girls look amazing @Kapelady i hope my girls come out half as good as yours.


@Mikos…yes they are changing every few days now with more flowering going on because I tied a few down and that somehow makes them flower more…The pics I will post this weekend will show a big change in my girls!


@Kapelady my little one did tht wen she was tied down and now she doing great the best yet i hope i get a decent yeild av got a target to get or i will have to hang up my pots until i can get some proper equipment. Am using cheap led light 300w and instead of a tent am using an old clothes wardrope with vents and extractor fans etc instead of a proper grow tent. But i can get all i need if i get my target. So fingers crossed. 90g or more and am good.


@Mikos…my tent is a greenhouse that I got at Job Lot for $10.00 …it fits two plants very nicely and then the grate shelves are very handy too! My light I got at Amazon…it cost the most at around $65.00 but it is the proper lighting with the different colors for growing. The fan which is very small but clips onto the side of the greenhouse was around $7.00 at Walmart. The smart pots, fertilizer, soil…all from Walmart and the fertilizer will last a very long time. So, you see I did not invest very much at all and for a small grow (its just for me) I grow 2 girls and not back to back. After my current grow I won’t be growing again until the spring. Didn’t grow all summer…I had and still have quite a bit to use!


@Kapelady i see thts pretty cool thats the kind of thing i want to do in the long run but i am learning buti have a goal in mind and as its only personal keeping the costs to a minimum is important but then growing good decent girls is the key as its medical and for 2 people am hoping to only need to do 2 to 4 girls a year if i can do it properly and well. But that why am trying all diffrent things to start with so i can find what works and what is best for me etc.


@Mikos…your like me…just personal and medical reasons and that’s why I don’t grow very much and keep it simple and not costly!


Yeah thats the plan but it has to work this time so there can be a nxt time as i have found my new hobby but a hobby tht i can actually enjoy doing without leaving my family to go play golf or that. I do want to get better equipment purley so i can grow quality and quantity in smaller grows if tht makes sense that way i can do once a year and sit back and enjoy the rewards until nxt grow. Here is hoping it all works out. I cant see me giving up this hobby now no matter cause i am so relaxed when am in my room and garden its great.


Another week and you can see the difference from last week’s photos! Both girls are growing quite nicely and lots of flowers. I can’t tell at this point which girl is the younger girl as they both seem to be growing at the same rate.


those leafs are really reaching up lol,nice, green, and beautiful @Kapelady


The girls are looking stunning. Nice. Grow in peace my friend.


@bige…why thank you!


@Mikos…thank you!


Well another week and they are approximately 53 days old now (remember one plant started much later) and as you can see I have been doing some tying. Lots of flowers! Soon in a couple of weeks I will be ready to harvest!


@Kapelady My AHA is at 42 days today. They look like twins!


Loving the view from here looking good youll be pleased at how well they are doing.


Another week and my girls are about 8 weeks old now (one is a bit younger). The flowers are turning amber and I have stopped giving them any nutes.


@Kapelady Those girls look like they need more time to fatten up? The buds are still growingl. On what date did they start flowering? I thought mine was about the same age and I still have a couple weeks to go. You will be looking for the pistils to be 75 to 85% brownish red.

I just double checked my grow and I have 12-14 days left till harvest.


@bob31…yes I have about a week and a half to go…however my pistils are at least 50% brownish red. Probably didn’t show up in the pics but I took a magnifying glass to my flowers and they have a lot of brownish red pistils.


@bob31…oh yes they were planted on September 26th


Loving your girls @kapelady looking amazing they were planted 2days after my girls showed there first set of leaves or coyledon or watever way its spelled. And one of mines are 10days behind your girls. Its all so exciting is it not.