Amnesia Haze Auto Third Indoor Grow


Always loved the taste and the high - and that was when someone else grew it… Can’t wait to taste mine.
Widow and/or Blue Dream are right there as well.


So today is 19 days for one plant and 11 days for the other plant and they are growing quite fast! However, I do have a small problem with both plants having just a few leaves that are curling up. So, I switched to no nutes, giving more water (because I think that this is the problem for sure) and slightly raised the lighting system.


It’s been a week and I can’t tell the difference between the older plant and the younger plant! The older plant is 25 days old and the younger plant is 17 days old. They are growing wide instead of tall at this point.


The girls are getting at the age where they are going to start growing quickly now. It is 32 days for the larger girl and 24 days for the smaller girl. Everything is going fine, adjustments to watering and the lights have been put up higher twice now.


The look great @Kapelady


I noticed last night that the bigger girl is starting to flower so today I will switch to flowering nutes on her.


@Kapelady… those girls are lookin mighty fine… wide and they will get tall too, hopefully, but I’ve never grown autos but so far not impressed with white widow auto growth, should’ve gotten amnesia haze autos. My super skunk auto is wide and tall but time will tell. I have 3 more WWA that I just planted. We’ll see if they grow bushier, all my photos look great! Happy growing :grimacing:


@bonnie1…what’s wrong with your white widow that you are not impressed? How old are the ww plants? Hope you have pics…then I can see. Will try to check out your thread.


So here are some pics of my ww autos starting to flower and I have begun to shut the lights off at night time.


My plants are now 39 and 31 days old and since last weekend there have been major changes! First of all is the growth; they are not short anymore but tall. They have spurted up and are growing above the grate. Lucky I had place the grid back just in time for them to grow through it. They are both also flowering and even with the different dates of planting there is not much difference in their height and flowering at this point. I’ve had to move the lighting twice since last weekend.


@Kapelady… they look fantastic… you’ll love amnesia haze, very hearty buds, dense and stays moist but dry on outside if cured properly. Smokes & tastes great too. Your girls are lookin mighty fine Kapelady & you deserve it after all our troubles right :joy:!!!.. I must’ve done something wrong in the beginning cause mine should be ready, at least two autos the other 2 autos are behind couple weeks. I’ll wait as long as I can but my 2 big buds are ready to go into flower & have to put lights on 12/12 so I need room in the autos tent, seeing trichomes now :rofl: so shouldn’t be too much longer


@Kapelady How’s it going? The gang look great!

When they start to grow up through the SCROG you need to bend them over and keep them under the SCROG until you are ready to flower them.


@bonnie1…aw thank you! 3rd grow and at this stage I think what I do works for me as far as growing the girls! I hope that your autos produce enough to tide you over!


@bob31…that’s why I put the grate back in and today I tied two flowers to the grate! My last grow using the grate and typing down the flowers made a big difference; did not forget that! So, I am on top of it! Also moved the lighting up again today. Half way there…should be harvesting at the end of November or soon after that. I can’t believe how fast these girls started to shoot up…thank god I was ready! Oh and thank you!


They look great @kapelady nicely done!


you take pictures like me @Kapelady,my hands tremble some so it is hard for me to get a good picture free handed.
your babies are looking happy and healthy!


@bige…yeah not so great with the camera that’s for sure and I don’t shut the light off just to take pics. Hey, I’m 62 and have a lot of back problems so doing the best I can …lol lol…Granny with the weed grow! lol lol Thanks for the compliment…my first grow of Amnesia Haze …so looking forward to see its affect on me!


me too @Kapelady Let me know! I have an AHA in flower, about 4 weeks to go


Awesome job! @Kapelady


@bob31…I post pics every weekend so yes …I’ll keep in touch!