Amnesia Haze Auto Third Indoor Grow


Pictures of my 2 girls! Both have their real first leaves, just one plant is smaller than the other plant which has been growing September 26th; the other plant just came up yesterday. Don’t ask me why the second plant is really doing so good since it just came up…I have no idea! Just glad to see it!

The second picture is of the first girl and the first picture is of the second girl who just popped up yesterday!


@Kapelady all you need to do is search your email ILGM and then look for the confirmation of the shipment that included those and reply to that. That way they have all the information they need included in the email already. Hope this helps!


@Kapelady… hooray!!.. you have two amnesia haze, you’re gonna love… so glad your second girl popped up, you’re all set now…happy growing :grimacing::leaves: :seedling:


@bob31…oh I did not know that! I deleted all emails after receiving both of my shipments! Next time I will keep the emails! Too late now! Dam…I’ve had 5 dead seeds!


Okay today is October 8th and I now have 2 amnesia haze babies. The larger one is 12 days old and the smaller one is 8 days old. Both are growing great. They are in smart pots (inside) with Mars lighting and a small fan running 24/7. I am using Jacks All Purpose 20/20/20 diluted until it is time to change to the flowering fertilizer.


looking great @Kapelady !


@Kapelady Did you empty your deleted folder? It might still be there if not. :crossed_fingers:


@AnneBonny.Of course I deleted the emails permanently!


Oh man! :frowning_face: It was worth a shot. They hate me at work because I never empty my deleted folder until they make me.


So glad you’re girls are coming along nicely @Kapelady… so how long before they start to flower? I don’t know much about autoflowers at all. Not a lot of info out there just that they take 3 months right…one month of veg and 2 months of flower…?


@bonnie1…Well I can tell you that White Widow (which I know you are growing) takes about 10 weeks total …so at the 6 week mark you should have a lot of flowers. That’s why I like the autos …they grow fast! So no not 3 months…less than 3 months. As soon as you can tell that it is starting to flower…switch your fertilizer to the flowering stage. Also remember to stop fertilizing the last 2 weeks before you cut your buds! Like I said it happens fast so have your supplies ready! There is a lot of info right on this website (outside of the forum) on what to expect for autos and their growing cycle. Now, I’m growing amnesia haze for the first time so I’ll have to watch carefully to see if it has the same cycle as White Widow!


@Kapelady… ok, thank you… I was getting confused. I will look up outside the forum for that information. The white widows popped up fast and growing fast, I like the autos. When you get a chance visit my thread, my girls are getting big already, happy growing :grimacing::leaves:


I can leave the lights on all the time if I want right @Kapelady


You can if you want to - but there are a number of members that run 18/6 for autos. I’ve got five nearing end of week eight now and they’ve been on an 18/6 schedule since they went under the LED 2 weeks after sprout.

Amnesia Haze Auto

Blueberry Auto

Blueberry Auto Top

Two Northern Lights and another AH in a small hydro. They all sit under a 450w LED.

I must say that at first I was kind of disappointed in the autos - having seen them go into flower around the start of week four and at 10-12" tall… But they’ve continued to grow and now the colas are really starting to swell up. I know this is your AH thread - but I’m REALLY looking forward to the Blueberry…

Good Luck with your AH grow!!!



@RookieReefer… this is not my thread… I grew amnesia haze my first grow…love it… :grimacing:


Cool - I just didn’t want anyone to think I was hijacking it.

Never tried the amnesia haze (grow or smoke) so I’m looking forward to it as well. For some reason I have always enjoyed the Blueberry…


@bonnie1…absolutely! I leave them on 24/7 throughout the whole process!


@RookieReefer …nice plants! So you say that you enjoy blueberry…is there a particular reason? I’ve only grown WW (autos) and this is my first try at amnesia haze. It’s nice to get opinions on other types!


@BIGE Good to know! Yes, still like keeping a journal for each grow…I think it helps others that are just beginning and its nice to keep track of the progress of my plants.


@bonnie1…darn…give me the name of your blog…or post and include me…so I can see your grow!