Amnesia Haze Auto Third Indoor Grow


@Bonnie1 Well I finally received my Amnesia Haze Autos today in the mail. Two seeds are soaking in water right now. Hopefully in a day or two I will be able to plant these seeds in my little greenhouse. It is already set up with smart pots and lighting just waiting for the seeds to sprout!


new journal huh…things just moving right along @Kapelady
i believe you will enjoy both growing and partaking amnesia haze!
great smoke,not difficult at all to grow,with decient yeilds…great choice…i sure like it!


Along for the ride @Kapelady looking forward! I am growing AHA as well!


Okay I was able to plant one of the seeds today as it had a very nice tail; the other seed has not shown any tail yet. I hope it does soon as I would like both plants to be along the same size so that moving the light applies to both plants.


do not give up on it yet,lol if it does not germ save it and possible replacement.


@Kapelady… I’m glad you got one into soil and moving along into your third grow. I’m very happy with my amnesia haze photos was one of my biggest plants and the yield was very nice, as you already know… you’ll be very satisfied… happy growing again :grimacing::leaves::seedling::herb:


So this morning there was enough of a tail on my second seed to plant it in soil. So I officially have 2 seeds planted and awaiting to see when they sprout. That’s when I will start taking pictures and posting them on this journal!


awesome news!! @Kapelady i’m looking forward to watching them grow!!


That’s excellent @Kapelady Thanks for the update!


Pretty sure I see the first seed has a bit of green sticking out of the dirt; I am sure that in a day or two I will be seeing a little plant.


woot woot!!


Well I think I killed the first seed I planted! No worries, I started another seed today. The second seed I planted is up…yeah! Still has the seed shell on it but you can see green. Now I took a pic but not sure if you will be able to see the plant.


I definitely have one little plant growing from the second seed I planted; nothing from the third seed yet. I took a picture but unfortunately I am having technical difficulties with my computer in that even though the pictures uploaded to my computer, my computer is not opening any of my pictures! In the meantime, all pictures I upload to my computer are uploading on my phone! I have thousands of pictures…do not want this! I’ve spent the day with Windows trying to correct my computer …I’ve had it tonight…will take a look tomorrow! Love computers when they work; when they don’t it is a nightmare!


I hope this works…here is a pic of my little plant that is just starting to grow:


Very disappointed that out of three seeds started, only 1 plant has emerged! However, it is too late to start any more seeds as my plants must be done before I have to turn on my heat. My lighting draws too much to have the lights on and my electric heat on at the same time…so like I said …timing!


First true leaves on my plant:


sorry to hear this @Kapelady, keep the un-used seeds. maybe they can get you some new ones at least…
i know that’s not helping this grow but at least you have replacements…might be worth a try


@Kapelady… yes, very sorry… but happens to the best of us :blush:… your little girl looks good and maybe you’ll still see some new growth yet, hang in there! You’re gonna love amnesia haze. Keep me posted


Well, well, well, nice surprise when I watered my plant this morning! I can see, barely, my other seed sticking a wee bit out of the dirt in my second smart pot! Too early to take a picture of it because between the perlite and lighting I can barely see it…just the husk pushing its way above the dirt. I never gave up watering the second pot just in case and although a little slow, it is there!


@bige… I had 4 bad seeds from the last batch I bought of WW but I searched this web site to see how to return them and could not find how to do that so I threw them away and bought a new batch. It would be nice if someone could tell me where and how to do this in case I have to in the future!
In the meantime, my other seed is just starting to poke its head through the dirt!