Amnesia haze auto outdoor

I have 3 AH autos growing in fabric pots outside. they all look amazing having popped up March 18. 2 plants are 3-4 inches taller than the “runt”. the tall plants are 33 inches and moderately flowering everywhere while the runt is 29 inches and so fat with flowers everywhere. my question is this, are there different phenotypes of AH auto? all 3 plants have had everything exactly the same. i also feel the flowering times are much longer than suggested on ILGM. my fall grow of 1 AH auto took 16 weeks before trichomes were 50/50 cloudy/amber. I’m wondering if the tall girls may take even longer this time.

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Every seed is an independent phenotype regardless of auto, photo, Feminized, or regular.

Sounds like you got some nice nugs coming!


Thank you. I figured as much. What do you think about the extended flowering time for an auto? Or is stated flowering time measured when the flowers start to show instead of when the seedling pops out of the soil?

When flowers start to show.


Plants of strain can look different, pretty normal. Not unheard of for plants to flower longer than breeder estimate either. Although in picture above those plants don’t appear to have been flowering for long, if at all. Do they have pistils yet?

They do have pistils.

The one heavy plant seems to have a cal/mag deficiency? The plant in general looks very healthy. Rust spots on some leaves. Generally I trim them off. Entire season I have given Cal/Mag 1/4 strength with almost every watering after the first month. Yesterday I gave a good dose of calmag. Any suggestions?

Monitor to see if additional calmag helps. A lot of moisture on leaves can sometimes leave spots like that too.

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Thanks. I usually don’t let the leaves get wet unless it rains. I will Just wait and see. Should I continue to trim the spotted leaves if they look bad?

I wouldn’t remove them because they have a few spots on them. If they start dying off then remove.

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I think the 2 plants are regular photo period plants. They are now over 40 inches. The other is almost done. All trichomes are cloudy. I guess I got regular gem seeds in my 5 pack?

It looks like the bigger two plants have a long way to go. Any suggestions??