Amnesia haze auto in 3 days

From a 24 hr soak on 8/23/19 to 8/25/19 @ 7:55 I can say I’m impressed with ILGM seeds. First time doing it all 3 popped up and looking good.




Good luck :four_leaf_clover: with your grow I’ve done several AH autos and it’s one of my fav smokes now!

Cut the net off the starter pod at transplant

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I just put my Amnesia Haze in soil this morning. Lets see if I get the same fast results.

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They do seem to have awesome genetics. Im 100% (1/1 :joy::joy: germing ILGM seeds)

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Very good feeling I know.

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Are the seeds, really ILGM seeds?? I placed my order online, sent my payment to Sarasota, Fl. and my seeds came in the U.S. Mail from a company called NXSYST INC out in Anaheim, California.

Ummm yup. Id wager they were. ILGM has boss customer service. Pretty sure they wouldnt jank ya chain for nothing

I was wondering how long I should wait before putting in a pot.

Autos? Id toss em in a 5 gallon pot yesterday. Dont forget to pull the ‘chainlinkish’ stuff off the pellet

I just got done putting in pots, I went with 2 gallons for the Amnesia haze auto. And my Jack Herer clones in 3 gallon bags. Under 24 hr light for a bit. 600w led and a co2 bag, which will take 30 days before it reacts says the direction. Never hung one before so we’ll see if it’s worth the $30.

Got ~30 inches of space no? Seedlings as softies. N good call on the Jack H… those things can go… but ask @KinSEDC about those amnesia haze autos :joy::joy::joy:

@elheffe702 cuz he gets it

Yeah, if that one’s any indication of the ‘norm’ for that strain, she’s a tall gal.

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The light is bout 26 inch off the seedlings the tent is 60 inch tall. So how far should the light be off the seedlings?

That should be good. Just didnt want u under 20 cuz of the big girls

Ok yea I can raise the light I got it rigged up on zip ties so it wont spin.

I’ll be moving the Jack Herer into another tent after my other 2 are done.

Thats how u plan it… word to the wise… plans go off the rails often round here. Keep postin… ull have a third tent and more lights then the white house before u know it

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I gotta admit it’s pretty addicting to grow a beautiful plant.