Amnesia Haze auto harvest. Am I waiting too long?

Hello. First time grower here. I’m at 83 days from germination on both plants, grown outdoors. Pistils turned amber a while ago, but it seems I still have white hairs growing, esp. on lower buds. Buds are pretty fat, but there look to be a lot of calyx/seed pods that are empty (I squeezed a few, and a tiny white seed came out of several). Have I waited too long to harvest?

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Looks like you still have some time. 2 weeks?

Can you let me know how you’re determining that? What do see/not see? Thanks much.

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The aspect of the flower, the age since sprout, the white pistils and loose look led me to that. Hang in there, you are bulking up now.

Plant has stopped vertical growth. Now…it will bulk up…if allowed.
Trichomes are the indicators of harvest ready.