Amnesia Haze Auto grow

Lol, I don’t know! I have so much cannabis that I took the entire harvest after cure and stuck it in the freezer. I have 18 strains of flower in the house right now! My upright meat freezer’s door is filled from the top down with jars of cannabis.


@Myfriendis410… GEE! That’s a real problem. :rofl:
Wish I was that bad off.

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Well go smoke it and tell me if it’s at all cracked up to what it’s said to be!


I am super impressed with your plant. I am switching to auto immediately. Nice work!

So I grew a Purple Haze photo last winter in a RDWC setup and was so impressed by the yield and potency that I’ve been playing a bit with the ‘Haze’ strains. I have a ‘Super Pineapple Haze’ going now in simple bucket hydro.

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I would imagine that you can probably give or take 2 weeks on almost anything you grow nowadays (autos), no? My AH is about 2 weeks old and just topped her below fifth node (blueberry too). Looking forward to keep up with other growers. My Northern lights is slow. Can’t/won’t top her, she is only on third node and is also lite green - any thoughts?

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I grew 5 autoflower plants from seed. 2 indoor hydroponically and 3 in soil outdoors (just for a test). The larger buds were ready at 12 weeks on plant A and I did a partial harvest… There are some medium and small buds leftover. I cut the medium buds at 13 weeks. I cut the 3 outdoor plants this morning at 13.5 weeks and will (hopefully) harvest the last 1.5 plants at 14 - 14.5 weeks. The first indoor plant (A) switched to flower by itself and I induced flowering 1.5 weeks later on the 2nd indoor plant (B). The outdoor plants took care of themselves. I wasn’t too concerned with them as the days are growing shorter.

I started flushing the outdoor plants (using RO PH 6.5 water) at week 12.and harvested them at week 13.5.
I started flushing the indoor plants at week 11 by adding just RO PH 5.2-5.5 balanced water to the reservoir because the buds on plant B weren’t fully developed.Today, about 1/2 of the buds look ready on plant B and the others still have mostly white pistols sticking straight up. One thing I noticed then later verified on another site was the trichomes may not turn amber for some Sativa and Hazes. Mine were mostly cloudy. I dried cured and smoke some from plant A. And it was good! :grin:

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