Amnesia Haze auto flowero iou

First time grower. I’ve just been growing outside in pots. Everything seems to be going fine so far.
I’m looking for tips on nutrients, I’ve got root protector, plant boost, bug blaster, and mold control. But I’m scared to use it. They are in Miracle grow potting soil. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!


Hey @Cappy, welcome to ILGM! Looks like a decent job for your first grow. I would avoid using anything with stuff has time released nutrients in it. Cannabis plants have very different nutritional needs throughout their life, so having a soil with nutrients in it takes some of the control away from you, as far as what they’re getting and when. That said, I’ve seen some monsters grown in Miracle Gro, indoors and outdoors.

She looks happy to me, I wouldn’t change things up too much at this point, but if you can get a test of TDS of your runoff when you water, that will give you an idea of what’s in the soil still, and you can better decide where to go from there. How long has it been flowering?

Probably 2 weeks? I’m not entirely sure. Thanks for the info. They have been mostly inside so far but I’m probably going to have to move them to a more permanent situation. I read somewhere that these don’t like getting below 70° and that it takes about 10-12 weeks flowering time.

That sounds about right. You may be better just leaving it be, as far as the container she’s in. It looks like she didn’t veg for very long before starting to flower. Was it started in that pot, or transplanted up?

Welcome to the forums, Cappy!

Is that plant getting supplemental light, or just sun through the window?

Edit: never mind. I need to read more carefully.

Transplanted I started her in a cup.

That may have stressed her and prompted the flowering. Autos are finicky (speaking from reading/watching only, only done photos myself) and a lot of people start them in their final home for that reason. You can transplant, but you have to be very careful. I think @HornHead suggests cutting the cup on 4 sides and ‘peeling’ the cup off to avoid damaging the roots. You’ll still get some great bud off her, but she probably won’t get much taller. Looking at what’s there, it’s looks like she’s really going to fatten up though.

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It does look like its not getting enough light during the day.
Is it in a spot with long direct sunlight or is it tucked away a bit to keep it hidden.
When you see those leaves with long stems it says I want more light.

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Yeah I thought that might be an issue. The light hasn’t been great lately. I’m thinking of moving them to a permanent indoor situation. I’m afraid going outdoors completely is too cold rn for them. I have 5 total. 1 is definitely a runt though. What kind of light would you suggest?

LED lighting is going to be the most efficient, heat vs. light. Quantum Boards from are very popular around here, and are about the best you can get, bang-for-your-buck-wise. What is your budget, and what size space would you be lighting?

So. They are not getting taller. They range from 7-12" with one runt. Should they be on 12-12 lighting schedule rn? Is there anything I can do to get them to bulk up? I got some lights and a gauge that measures ph/light/moisture. Would it hurt to try to feed the little ya think? It’s been a while and its probably only about 4 inches tall…