Amnesia Haze Auto Flower Grow Journal (St. Patrick's Day transplant)

Are you ready to take a walk on a journey? Hi, my name’s Dan and I am on my third grow attempt of AMN HZ autoflower; seeds were purchased from Bergman, Inc. AMN HZ was chosen because it has 80% sativa (happy/up with psychotic features) and 20% indica (not quite enough mellow to offset sativa.) I am sending a tag to @Caligurl and @dbrn32 because these (among others) have been supportive and encouraging. People who know how to encourage others even when the other is screwing up is a gift of character. So, let’s take a look; open the door.

There is a lock on the door of the room which is centrally located in my house. The room is literally located in the center of the house; no windows…a windowless room. However, there are extremely valuable items in this particular room.

This is my project room. It’s carpeted. Gold, that’s right, gold carpeting; with hot pink walls and 12" (painted very white) base boards. You look closely in there and you will see more stuff than you can shake a stick at…some of it I can get rid of.

About the grow; I placed three seeds in saturated paper towels layered into a smallish plastic container wrapped in tin foil and set by the external heat vent of my desktop computer. The water was pH reduced RO purified water. pH=6.5 The seeds “popped” and had a tap root about 1/2" long. (One seed did a curly-Q around the hull so I did the best I could in transplant.)

The seedlings were transplanted to two 4 gallon pots and a 3 gallon pot. The dirt is FFOF. I poured the pots two days before transplant so the dirt dried out a bit. I watered the seedlings with pH lowered water: pH = 6.6 staying two inches from the center but then I doused the seedlings just a bit. (Big Question: I have left over 6.6 pH water. I tested it today and got a 7.0 reading on a recently calibrated pH pen. Does pH lowered water return to 7.0 on its own? I’m going to retest but has anybody ever had something like that happen? I will throw that water out and start over with fresh water.

The tents are 2x2 and 2x4; they fit perfectly into that part of the room but I chose incorrectly (twice.) Lighting is more than sufficient for the tents. Light cycle will be 16 on 8 off throughout the grow. Humidifier/Dehumidifier hooked to Blu Bird gizmo and there is a temperature regulated heater. Humidity is being maintained at about 60 RH. Room temperature is 68F.

Well, that’s it for now. Time to wait for the seedlings to break the surface. That seedling with the curly-q taproot might be interesting; could take longer to break the surface. Until next time; thanks for reading if you came this far. Best Regards


Awesome! Keep us updated!


I agree, everything looks to be in order.

I have a comment about the tap root being curled around husk. There was a point in which I lost some seeds here and there. I picked up a tip from Mr. Soul at brothers grimm. When you germinate seeds, don’t let the tap root get too long. Just make sure the seeds crack and tap is out, then place in media shell down and root up and lightly cover. The tap root will right itself and plant will sprout as normal. But having to turn itself will help make sure the seed husk stays in the soil. Has been working great for me.


Thank you! Please consider yourself “tagged.” You are one (among others) to whom I am indebted. Thanks for the guidance and support.



Thanks, db. I was following the guideline of “2-4 days” for germination and “be patient.” I thought I took the seeds early, however, the Bergman seeds are robust and enthusiastic. I won’t have to be as “patient” in the future. :slight_smile:


Very nice! Thanks for the tag - set to watching :slight_smile:

I’ve only grown one seed (of course it turned out to be male from a lone seed found in some gifted weed) but I read somewhere else to put it in the soil tap root up and worked great.

I’ll be starting my journal here soon as well and will tag you!


Always happy to help!


Thank you…this should be fun!

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Hello to the FORUM! I don’t really know how to continue a thread so to give updates I’ll send them in a reply to me. As you last recall on March 18 we were waiting on the seeds to break through the soil surface. Today is March 21 that I am posting these pictures which were taken on March 19, 2021 just before I had to leave for the work/travel weekend…I work almost every weekend in ways that tire a guy out…makes me practically useless on Mondays for my real work.

The “girls” have broken through! I give names to my plants. I already used “Annie” “Raggedy Anna,” and “Sam”. These three I have named for the journal. The first is “Amber.”

“Amber” is simply a stout looking healthy young sprig. I hope they will all become like that! (Amnesia is a tough medical development but it actual sounds like a decent girl’s name.) Amber is less caustic; much prettier sounding. Then there is “Hazel.”

Hazel is short for Haze…sort of. I can say Hazel quicker than I can pronounce Haze. You have to hold the “A” and stretch the “Z” when pronouncing Haze and it just seems to take longer. Hazel is easy! (Try it; you’ll see.) After Hazel broke through she had not yet stretched out straight. We’ll see how she gets tonight when I get home. And, finally, we have “Curly.”

You will recall “Curly” was born with her tap root encircling her hull. I am quite impressed that she came through the surface as quickly as she did! Again, Bergman seeds…excellent genetic stock! Curly was also born with a bark chip sittin’ on top of her head; I very gently moved it off her. I am excited to see the two day development when I get home!

I watered all three plants with ph reduced water. (ph=6.4) I saturated the soil with a spritzer and a cup of water (or more) for each. (Is it time to “up the amount of water?”) The lighting for Amber and Hazel is 16/8 with Mars Hydro set at 75 percent of power. (Time to increase to 100%?) I want to avoid the Tim Allen phenomena…more power! “Flowering” develops quickly in these plants. Only needs a couple three-four weeks. This go round I am NOT going to use nutrients until absolutely necessary. FFOF is loaded and I probably over fed on the first two grow attempts. I have the pH pen and PPM instrument. Problem with PPM is I have to saturate the soil for enough runoff to test it. I want to follow the FF feeding schedule but it hasn’t really worked well with added nutrients. Got to find that balance. Okay, that’s it, until next time.

Best Regards and thanks for reading.

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