Amnesia Haze Auto, first grow. Help and comments welcome!

Started a new grow. Started 3 Amnesia Haze Autos, and 4 Grease Monkey photos. Using 5 gal grow bags, with FFOF soil, mixed with perlite and vermiculite. 4x4x7 tent. 3 lights, 2 600w veg lights, and a 1000w full spectrum. 6in fan and carbon filter, along with multiple clip fans. Have a humidifier and heater running to keep temps and humidity around 74F and 72% RH. Sprouts came up fairly quickly, but have seen slow growth since then. I know it’s still early, but I expected a little more.


1st week. Started 3 Amnesia Haze Autos, and 5 Grease Monkey photos. One of the grease monkeys didn’t make it, but the other 4 have all sprouted and are opening beautifully. I’m using 5 gal grow bags, and currently have a heater, humidifier, and two fans running in the tent. Keeping the lights back pretty far, but slowly moving them down and increasing the power as the seedlings get a little bigger. Using FFOF cut with perlite and vermiculite. Started seeds in jiffy pots, and planted directly into final containers. We are at roughly 5 days since the first sprout came up, and so far so good. Have battled a couple issues already, including my hard tap water spewing out minerals from the humidifier, covering everything in a nice white powder. Humidity has been a nightmare as well, but honestly, it’s my own fault. I should have let the seeds germinate outside the tent, and transplanted them later. Lesson learned. But anyhow, that’s where we are at currently, if anyone has any tips or advice, I’m all ears, and if not, come along and enjoy the ride


My setup
Also, if anyone is curious, the spots on the plant are from accidentally splashing my hard tap water on the leaves. It dried that way, leaving what appears to be a salt buildup, maybe mag or cal. I tried wiping it off with ro water, but to no avail. Hoping she bounces back soon


You can use ro or distilled water in your humidifier and it won’t spew the white crap everywhere. Do you have a ph meter?

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Mostly curious if you guys think I’m missing anything, or doing anything wrong. I’m a brand new grower, who spent the past 6 months doing my research and homework, trying to find the best methods, equipment, etc, for what I had available. My tent, and lights are of cheaper quality. The tent seems fine, it does have light leaks through the zippers, but I keep it behind a few tarps anyhow, so no issues for photos. The lights are supposedly a 1000w full spectrum led, and 2 600w veg/bloom leds, however the combined wattage out of my wall for all 3 is roughly 400, 450. Everything seems to be on point here, but I’m all about learning my craft here, and have been watching you guys posts and seeing those big beautiful buds, and was inspired enough to be right here myself. So, any and all comments, criticisms, jokes, are very welcomed! I feel like I’ve read everything I can possibly can, now time to get my hands dirty and actually get the experience. This is roughly 5 days in, and I will try to update as often as possible. But let me know what you think.

Yeah, I learned about the ro and distilled water the hard way lol. I shut my veg lights off and noticed the buildup on the fans. Had to wipe everything down, clean everything out and restart with distilled water. Twas a pain haha

And yes, I have a pH meter, one for water and one for soil. I took the distilled water to 6.5


Looks like your set up pretty good. They’ll start getting bigger by the day soon. Only thing I might add is that your lights look pretty far away. If they start stretching too much lower it down some or turn it up


Hello and welcome! I’d say they look good so far. Just at this stage in the game be careful not to over water. You can easily over water when there that small. Don’t water directly on there stems or around base. Kind of go in a circle around them. Get the roots to reach and grow.

Also you planted in straight FFOF is my understanding?? This soil to my knowledge can be kinda “hot” with nutrients for some seedlings at this stage so alot of people use a handful of ff happy frog soil to plant there sprouts into the middle of the FFOF and its not as strong that way but the sprouts get what they need and the roots will grow down through to your FFOF easing into the stronger based soil :+1:

But they should make it. Ride it out water easy in circle around the sprouts not right on the base. I’ll be watching but tag with @ and someone’s name if you need help :sunglasses:

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I did plant in FFOF, but cut it with perlite and vermiculite, as well as flushing once before putting the seedlings in. It may still be a little “hot” but I haven’t noticed any issues yet. I had read about seedlings not doing well in FFOF, but also seems like a lot of folks still add nutes in the first couple weeks, which seems to lead to burned plants. So for now, just pH water with a tiny bit of root stimulator


Welcome freind.
Looks like you all set up.
Only advice I got is them 2 prog multi Metter thingys do not work for anything other then telling you where your light spread starts and end by wavering it around under the light.
But sadly not a single reading from them is ever very accurate at all :confused:.
Many of us waisted our money on them in the beginning Only to throw them away after they mess our plants up from bad readings…


Update. The grease monkey sprouts didn’t make it. Nothing that was my fault, but they had to go lol. The three autos are still doing great, just waiting for week 2 to really give them water.

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Yes, the 3 n 1 meters are garbage, and I’m only using them for moisture levels in the soil. I can’t afford a par meter, but found the app, Photone, which helped me loosely dial everything in


Lowered the lights, and believe I have everything dialed in. pH is good in soil and water, lights are dialed in, fighting the urge to water, temp and humidity are good, just waiting for nature.

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Welcome to the Community! This is a great place with very helpful people.

They look normal to me and your set up looks fine.

I have to keep reminding myself to remember that cannabis plant growth is exponential… which means incredibly slow early on then about week 3.5 amazing growth. The way I wrap my head around that is that up until week 5, auto leaf coverage doubles in area every 5 days.

Therefore if your seedling is puny and like the size of a pea right now, it will only be the size of 2 peas in 5 more days. But imagine the leaf cover later in week 3.5 when it is the size of a small desert dish, but in 5 more days it will then be the size of a whole dinner plate! But it still just doubled in 5 days like it did early on.

Welcome and good luck!



I only use a LUX meter comparing it to like 100,000 for a full sun.

Seedling 10,000-15,000 lux
Veg 20,000 to 40,000 lux
Flower 50,000 lux and above.

I got decent yields this way by changing the height of the lights to give these numbers at the plant height and not allowing them to get a sunburn so to speak.

These experienced growers are probably dead on… Just depends on how much $$ you have and how important (if at all) your yield is to your needs

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I really appreciate you all being here, and joining me on this journey. All of your input really helps too. I’m actively learning as much as I can, but nothing beats experience, so thank you all very much

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Question, any tips on keeping humidity up inside the tent while running the ventilation? The moment I turn it on, it sucks all the humidity from the tent, and no matter how much I turn up the humidifier, I can’t get it past 50%. I believe for seedlings, it needs to be around 70%?

i’ve read @JaneQP say she hangs wet t-shirt’s in the tent.

other than that, it’s either purchase a humidifier or make one yourself (bucket of water with a tshirt wick hanging over the side).


What speed is your exhaust fan. Might be too high. Only supposed to run it fast enough to replace the volume of the tent 5 times a day I think.

Maybe blow some smoke in therr so we can see how fast it is clearing it out

Just an idea

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