Amnesia haze auto fems are amazin

Here is my amnesia haze auto fem jst after 17 day from seed. Results are amazing

Looking good!

Todays day 20 and check her out. Only growing in mixed cooco and miracle shit given big bud bloom.

20190105_134554 20190105_134547


She’s a beauty alright!

I love this plant. It’s my second grow and wow. I believe I will get weight on this one. Learned not to ever use miracle grow again. And to use organic food not fertilizer. Never outside for me again in FL. Too many bugs. image

Amnesia Haze. She’s been flowering since 12/18/18. Close to the end I think. [quote=“Stonelee, post:1, topic:26791”]

Here’s my update! Now day 47 i believe


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Its unreal how massiive the buds are getting and its still only pistils. Cant wait till shes done because shes already frosty and smells godly

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Me too. I thought I was getting close. Thought 2/16/19 would be the day. What do you think? Yours look fatter. Very nice.

Honestly dude you should defoliate all those big leafs and the ones that have no trichomses so its almost just bid and ket her go for 2 more weeks and then flush and prep for harvest. Thats if all your pistils are changed and its starting to resin up. But no matter what yous should clear all that unnessary crap out. Personally i dont grow it if i dont need it but your plant needs some so always leave a few behind for nutes. It will also cause you plant to get twice as frosty because your tricking it and it thinks its bugs eating it up so it get real sticky icky my friend. But i love the color. You didnt do any training on it also it looks like. So id also suggest next time to last you autos and you will double or tripple your yeild. Cant wait till mine starts to mature. Its only my second plant i ever grow. Just finished some green crack last month and omg. I havent had good weed like that in about 15 years. But i treat them like my babies. Most will say its hard on the plant and not to defoliate and if so only once but it is b.s … cut out the shaders as they come and use all your light on bud. … what kind of lighting are you using

It looks amazing to me! I need to try cutting the top so I get more arms in my plant! Thank you so sharing!

After a long wait. I agree…