Amnesia haze auto/feminized seeds

I have asked questions about this grow a few times already. Got Amnesia haze seeds in mail that should be autos but were photo fem. Now the first seed is winding down now. Can I expect her to finish well under the expected harvest? She’s got just about all her orange hairs but it’s about half and half with tricomes. Should I just wait it out with tri’s or go by hairs? Buds are like rock hard popcorn, nothing big.

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@mgjw Could you take a picture of plants with the lights off please,
you may get more replies?


Amnesia is tricky with going by the pistils. Mine were turning orange as soon as 4 weeks into flower. This was it at 4 weeks flower. It went another 8 weeks

Do either one of these help?

This is amnesia haze guy. As you can see the buds are small but made up of large “pitcher looking things” with hairs coming out of them. So maybe I should just keep a close eye on it and let her grow??? Just keep watching tri’s?

Nice, I can see a lot of Frost In the picture. I would keep watching the tri’s . I do think you could be getting close.