Amnesia Haze Auto day 22 YELLOW LEAVES

I need your help diagnosing and treating the cause of leaf yellowing. Today is day 22. The yellowing shown in images 5 & 6 occurred within the last 24 hrs. I watered them after pics. The marks in image 16 have pretty much been there from day 1 of veg.
The soil is a blend of FF Ocean Forest (3 parts), 2 parts organic compost, a block of coco and perlite.
I have grown white widow and blueberry autos in this soil without any issues. I have not given any additional nutrients or fertilizers. Water is untreated well water which I used in previous grows.
They otherwise seem healthy. Pictures of #1 before and after topping

A number of posts I read seemed to lean toward nitrogen deficiency. I can’t imagine this to be the case given prior experience described. On the other hand, is the soil to hot for AH?
Your experienced guidance will be appreciated, Thanks

Here is the before topping picture oopps

Looks more like the leaves laying on top of the wet soil after a watering


That will be great if that is all it is. I do allow the surface to dry before watering again.

I would have to agree with @HornHead :v: :tumbler_glass:

That sounds encouraging. thanks