Amnesia Haze Auto { 1st time auto }


That medicine will not help… Maybe if you get a small dose :rofl::joy::sweat_smile:
But please…look very carefully whit a magnifier glass before you do something!


That is right my friend… This seeds was gifted to me by a old friend and he said that stuff was the real deal… Sadly he didn’t store them properly :smirk:.
Look at my last harvest plantin my grow journal . That was not so good but it was so stressed because it was so cold outside before I get here indoor…


@Tr33 Haaaa , I can’t believe it . I took the dome off , spray mist it twice , went to the bathroom , came back to this . Damn I’m good . NOT . But I am Lucky !


Waiting for seed #4 now .


1,2 and 3 are looking good . Can someone say a little prayer for #4 .:pray:


She will be fine… Just don’t overwater them!
Happy new year :tada:


Happy New Year to you and everyone here on the forum . Starting off the new year right with a new grow and getting all the information from everyone here is exciting . Come on 2018 !


@M4ur I took 6 clones last night from 2 Chronic Widows . If they live I will give them away . I got no room .lol


@M4ur , @Tr33 Here is a update on plant #4 . Nothing has changed in 4 days after dropping this in soil . It started to sprout then stop . Tomorrow afternoon I will try giving it a spray of plain PH water . Not much I can do !



whats dif n a fabric vs air pot??


I do not have experience with air pot. I have only tried the plastics and the fabric. The air pots are the ones with the nubs right? I would like to learn more about them. The fabric pots allow for more oxygen to pass through. The roots are less likely to get soggy too. Also because of these things I think less bugs will be enticed to the area.


Plants #1,#2,#3 are 2 1/2" - 3 " Tall , Plant # 4 is not going to make it . I’m thinking about transplanting them tomorrow to 3 gal. fabric with FFOF .


2 - 3 gallon and 1 - 5 gallon fabric bags .


They are looking good so far !


Has that first pic stretched then fallen and now resting on the dirt??
If it is, make a splint outta sticks or tooth picks. I used dry spaghetti strands or a stick with a V to get her off of the dirt. It will stop any mold or burning from the soil. Keep an eye on those leaf edges also. They look like they could ( reiterate could, don’t panic ) be starting to show a deficiency of some description. Keep the pics coming often and post them individually so we can use the site zoom. They look good so far :wink:


@Powaforce The first picture ,early on the plant did stretch a little more than the other two so I used a piece of white electrical wire to support the stem . I left the wire there just in case . The plant is standing on its own now . The second picture has 5 tiny spots on each of the single leaves .The other newer leaves look fine . I got a close watch on that plant . They got 3 oz per plant of 1/4 strength HG nutes yesterday .


Update , 1,2,3 autos and a unknown clone that somehow grew .


I’m watching this one Skinny auto . It growing completely different than the other two . Bottom 4 nodes look normal . The upper 4 or 5 nodes the leaves are super skinny . Kind of cool .:slightly_smiling_face:



Man , when you talk about plants of the same strain being different from each other [phenotype ] . This one has like 4 times the number of trichomes than the other two . So cool .fullsizeoutput_251


3 AHA are not ready yet either . vlcsnap-2018-02-17-12h56m47s312vlcsnap-2018-02-17-12h47m35s738vlcsnap-2018-02-17-12h51m04s603vlcsnap-2018-02-17-12h55m30s921