Amnesia Haze Auto { 1st time auto }


Soaked 4 seeds ILGM#233511 on 12/25 . 4 shells opened up and dropped in Jiffy seed starter . 3 have popped up , waiting for #4 . 2x4 tent ,LED , Flora Series Performance by HG will be used later .


@Seeddog awesome! I have an auto mixpack im waiting to germinate!
I have one concern from your pix, and it could just be the angle, but your soil looks pretty wet. At this point, you want to lightly mist and use those plastic domes like you have. High humidty and less actual watering is best for a few days


Youre gonna love them! I grew 3 photos & will grow more!


Good point @VelcroThumb. I just wait for mine to show a sigh of life, them are very old seeds :joy:.


Yes they are wet . They won’t get any more for a few more days except maybe a misting . I put them in soil and covered with soil before there where tails on the seeds . Then I got nervous and misted again because I had no dome on them the first night and they looked dry on the surface the next morning . Oooops . I just read that autos don’t like to be transplanted . I’m thinking about moving them to their 5 Gal. forever pots after their second set of leaves . I think moving them now would be to dangerous . Suggestions welcome .


@Seeddog if they are autos, you can save on soil and use 3 gal fabric pots
You are correct that autos do no handle stress as well. Since their veg times are very short, any major stress like cloning or transplanting can severely disrupt growth and affect yield. Most start autos in their forever 3 gal pots! You can probably transplant, just be very gentle. You may evem want to wait a few days


@VelcroThumb,@Laurap Thanks man , I have bag and a half of FoxFarm left over , 3 gallon will be better , more room in the tent .


What type of pots are you going to use?


I have 3gal and 5gal fabric . I can use either .


Perfect choice :+1:… Fabric pots are the perfect way to do it


Fabric pots rock. I did not fully understand how much better they are over plastic until I tried one.


@Tr33,@M4ur , I got a scrog going in another tent with 2 Chronic Widows in plastic 5 gallon pails with 1/2 " holes drilled in bottom and sides , its working ok . Roots need to breath .


@M4ur@Tr33 I have lots of work to do on the scrog tonight . I will trim a bunch of stuff off below the screen to get ready to flip lights soon . Heres a newer picture .


Maybe you can make some clones :thinking:


@M4ur lol. I got my hands full now . Tent #1 has the 2 Chronic Widow plus 1 clone from a friend and another plant that was flowered and reverted back to Veg . All 4 are scrogged I plan to flower these in a couple of weeks . In Tent #2 I have 4 clones from the plant that was reverted , one is not looking to good . The 4 autos will join them when they get bigger .


I wish we could be neighbors :joy:… I try my luck whit some old bag of seeds now… I have one more seed from ILGM but is autoflowering (ak47) and I will not be able to finish my grow room before she go in flower and spread the smell all over my house :joy:


If you have steady hands( But only IF!) and a magnifier glass take something and try to remove the thing that retain the leaves… Just look at what is the problem frist… And be very careful…
Or you can wait a little bit more and see if them can release themselves.


I had a problem like that with the gorilla glue auto. I had to help it off a little at a time. I did notice what I thought was early need for supplements as the little feeders died off quickly.


@M4ur, @Tr33 I’m going to mist it ,wait 5 or 10 minutes and try to see if it will move using a pin . Taking some medicine first to steady my hands .lol


The good thing about bag seeds is that you know it was good enough for someone to grow commercially haha.