Amnesia Haze & AK-47 seedling


I know y’all will laugh but I bought a parm shaker yesterday and girls looked like I flocked them for Xmas


@bob31 to the rescue again lol thanks bob
Hahahaha @Laurap


I’m going to assume you mean you have chickens and not mites. Lol!! We have chickens as well. Haven’t paid for eggs in 3 years. [quote=“Countryboyjvd1971, post:143, topic:10729”]


Hah that’s it @bob31 the force is strong with this one


@GetbackJoJo lol yes I have chickens :chicken: not mites
Just got mine a few months ago but had raised them in the past and gave them up for a while but we now have the land to keep them again so woohoo eggs for everyone lol
I have 7 total all different breeds :+1:


Right now I think we have 32 chickens. I’m not really sure, because my wife calls it chicken math. 20 of them are relatively new, so they are not laying yet. They should be within the next month and at that time, we should be getting at least two dozen eggs every day.


How can I tell if the de I have is the human safe kind? I had gf pick me up some yesterday while I was at work so I wasn’t able to compare what they had.


this is what she got me


Mine says food grade on front. Beware of swimming pool de as it had extra chemicals in it. If you can’t find on bag I would got to website and hopefully see there. I got mine at a feed store.


Fresh eggs are the bomb! I’ve also gotten into goats as there fresh milk is so good for so many ailments.


It should safe food safe on bag if it doesn’t I wouldn’t use it bro
Does it say ok to use on vegetables on the bag ?


Nah. I might need to order it online ;/. It came out of the garden section though


Still waiting for all the big brown trucks to arrive. Ordered my cooling tube and accessories. Still waiting for fan and big shield. Got cooling tube and ducting yesterday. Going to switch when I go to flowering and sending @bob31 pic Monday to see if he thinks ready. Got fingers crossed as want to switch reflector when I switch to flower.


Maybe google it it says garden safe but I would just doubt check it bro Amazon has it cheap any way I got a 10 lbs bag with a duster for 20


That’s what I did. Paid extra for two day shipping though… So ya was more than 20 lol


I’ve gotten 20 different shipments since I got tent,exhaust, carbon filter, and reflector. I got Amazon prime due to having to order almost everything online. Even the timer. Lol


Ok, been a week since I flocked my girls with de due to my sensitive one getting eaten on. Never found anything in tent were thinking it might of gotten on the when we put them outside tent to clean it.
Only marks are the initial ones have never seen any pests or anyone else chewed on.
Wanting to transition now as were replacing the reflector with cooling tube on Monday.
Word of advise: any time you think ok I can coast a little something will need attention. Had no idea how much time I’d spend either with my girls or exploring avenies to improve them


Had plans to switch girls over to flower but fell blew out knee so we’re on holding pattern as I have to dis connect ducting and change bulb


Oh jezzzzz @Laurap hope you feel better soon
That stinks


Oh that sucks! Stay off of it a few days!