Amnesia Haze & AK-47 seedling


So you did find it though @Laurap?


Yes, at feed store for the chickens buts food grade.


As long as it’s food grade your good :+1:Yeah they use it to control mites with chickens :chicken:
I have them as well lol


So home Depot doesn’t keep de on stock?


Not out here in the sticks. Can’t get organic soil either. I have to order online and wait or drive an hour to town where I can get both. But as I said I started thinking and realized being a livestock areathey would have de to treat chickens, cows or horses for worms. Lol


Quick question: put de on soil but should I dust plants with de as well.
Also do I need to repeat process? It was girls watering day so watered them then spread de on top of soil and lightly misted to keep from blowing away.


Yeah I dust mine when I first put them out and reapply as needed dust top and bottom of leaves also @Laurap
If you don’t have the duster tool pick one up they work great and they are cheap maybe 5$
Oh and don’t dust the plant itself once it starts budding
Just soil at that point :point_up:


Amazon for duster thingy? Do you have a pic of what I’d look for?


Sorry but it’s the only one I had hahaha
Look on bag lower right this one came with one
But saw same one for 5
Or search de duster


Thanks for pic. I’m very visual by looking I can go and get like a large shaker. Duh, I was thinking like a furniture duster. It’s early. Lol


lol I understand Hun
Need to get morning med into you hahahaha
The duster works great to get underside of plant :+1:
I bet you could fine something similar at Feed store


Better now had some coffee and mmj. Off to work I go


lol I’ve been at work since 6am I leave my house at 3 am or so
Have a great day @Laurap
:v:️:cowboy_hat_face: Happy growing CB


You as well. Boy do you have an early day. Feel kinda lazy I get up at 5 and gotta be at work at 7:30 but I get off at two today, 1:30 tomorrow, ect


Nice hours
I get off @ 130 and it’s a 90 min train north and a1/2 hour drive home from train so I’ll be home around 4ish
I don’t mind I get country living (not as country as you but good enough) lol and city pay woohoo
Talk later @Laurap


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Nice @Nug-bug
You must be tired after typing all that lol


Haha no man I tried to copy paste the pic and all but as you see I failed :no_mouth:
@Countryboyjvd1971 I’m not as good as @bob31 on that stuff😂


Lmao @Nug-bug I can’t do it at all lol
I tag bob whenever I need a link hahahaha


@Nug-bug @Countryboyjvd1971