Amnesia Haze & AK-47 seedling


Thanks @kabongster, gave me a lot of valuable information :grinning:


What BFE ? @Laurap


it is over there in egypt @Countryboyjvd1971, right past the sticks, and the boonies…lol


Pert near, ya know a lil thataway! Lol


Bum f__k egypt


All my life if someone lived very far from any town, you lived in BFE.


Hahahaha ok that’s what I thought @BIGE thanks for confirming
Hahhaha I here you @Laurap but I would love that I’m not far enough away from people for my liking :cowboy_hat_face:


Moved here three yrs ago on three acres. Seemed like enough. Then they built a toll road connecting us to major town. It brought the hardest pest to get rid of . People, neighbors, now we’re talking about going either south or east as our west is tumbleweeds but cheap and north is oklahoma., Tornado Alley


Wish you the best of luck :+1:
I have a bit of land as well and for right now my neighborhood is safe from building we are considered rural and zoned for 2 acres or larger lots
I have the small property at a little over 2-1/2 acres
Most of my neighbors have 10 or better :+1:
So it’s not bad for NY state


In my twenties I moved to N.H. We drove up there & I was dreading going thru concrete jungle NY. We had a caravan with a 57 Chevy pulling a very busy so we weren’t allowed on main tollway and had to take the back way.
Much to my surprise it was freaking beautiful, green pastures, cows, ect.
We’ve got three acres now but I want my house in middle of 100 acres fenced for my garden with no lookie Lou’s


Volkswagen bus.


Sounds like heaven @Laurap
I would love exactly the same thing lol
Yeah I’m. 90 miles north of NYC I only work in the city for the $ hahaha
And upstate is much different then down state for sure
I’m happy with my current situation but will relocate in the future


It’s Monday, so question of the week. One of my Amnesia haze girls is my sensitive one. Any stress ect , she shows first and most. Topped everyone last wed & noticed something had chewed on leaves. Looked underneath with magnifying glass nothing in soil nothing. We had pulled everyone out a few days before to clean their room. Anyway I rotate them as well & upon doing so found this bug.
Sending pic of leaves & bug. Not sure if anyone will be able to distinguish due to my photo skills. Looked under pests and it doesn’t look like any normal pests.



I don’t recognize it but I would get some food grade DE and dust the plants both on top and under side of leaves and soil as well if it eating you plants where there’s one there’s always more in my experience @Laurap
Don’t dust your plants if they are in flower and make sure it food grade if you do use it the pool type de is no good and can’t be used


Thanks, im still in veg as we got out of the gate late due to duh on my part. Gonna look & see if I can p/u in the city, as out here if it’s not for cows, goats or horses they don’t carry. Don’t even have organic soil out here.


It’s a old school method for controlling bugs in a garden so any decent garden center or even hardware store should carry it or there’s alway Amazon lol


Forgot to ask, in reading for outdoors companion plants are suggested like mint or garlic as bugs don’t like smell. Would that also work indoors? Wanted lady bugs but hubby said no. Lol


lol can’t blame him hahhaha
I’ll say sure if they are ok outdoors they why not indoors?
I plant mint outdoors around my garden to keep the rodents away they don’t like it lol andbit works as far as I can tell


FYI: if you live in the boonies, go to feed store for food grade dietametious earth. H Depot , Lowe’s, no one else sells it out here