Amnesia Haze & AK-47 seedling


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Ok time for my stupid question of the week. Girls are about a foot tall starting on 7th set of leaves. Just started nutes this week and my Amnesia haze are about an inch taller than Ak47.
Found out it’s dealer choice on veggie time but don’t know if I can top this week with just starting nutes. I know they stress when topped and not sure if nutes stress as well.
Anyway thanks for any advice


@Laurap you can definitely top them if you have 7 sets of true leaves no worries I top at five sets myself and know of others who do at 4
Feed them will not shock them
You can burn though


Thanks big guy! Hubby’s terrified I’m gonna kill them w/nutes but only using half suggested amount.


You’ll be fine what nute line you using


You might want to start 1/4 str nutes just to make sure they don’t get burnt


These are photos not autos right? I forget n don’t wanna read back through the hole journal lol :x


General hydroponics


Yes their are photos


Ok I’m never used them before @kabongster I think uses them tho maybe he can jump in here


Do you just have GH 3 part? Botonicare liquid karma works well at releaving stress. Put some of that in with the nute n they’ll bounce back from toppings like no problem.


Yes it’s G3. Can I buy liquid karma in store or is it something I’ll need to order?


I got mine at my hydrostore


I use GH too btw. I use latewoods formula more or less, change it a bit to accommodate my other additives I put in my res also though. Basically latewoods formula is 8-8-8 (grow, mirco, bloom) per gal for veg stage 2-8-8 for early flower stage n 0-8-8 for flower stage.


Hiya @Countryboyjvd1971 & @Laurap … I do use the GH 3 part…it’s affordable, has all the nutrients your plants need for a simple grow and the 3 parts are easily modified for increasing base nutes…

Instead of following the basic formula of equal parts Grow, Micro and Bloom (1-1-1), there is something called the Lucas formula stating there is enough Nitrogen in the Micro and Bloom to not need to use Grow.
That modification has been further changed in the above link to using 1-1-1 during vegetation, then starting Flower with 0.25-1-2 and changing in week 4-5 of Flower to 0-1-2.

If you have a ppm meter, aim for 400-500 or so for a first feeding…quarter strength to half strength, see how they do.

@Tonyb is right, Liquid Karma is great after transplanting to relieve stress…I have used superthrive for transplants, too.


Yes listen to that. I got the numbers a bit messed up on early flower n flower. I should have put 2-8-16 n 0-8-16


Thanks @kabongster


I’m in BFE, so cannot get out here,but gotta go into town this weekend as I need more grown & cured beans so before I go to Amazon will stop at hydro store.


your welcome brother :wink:

btw @Countryboyjvd1971 …6 hours to harvest my stringed plant!!


Woohoo buddy I jelly lol @kabongster