Amnesia Haze & AK-47 seedling


@Countryboyjvd1971 look up his vids on YouTube too. It’s truly amazing what he does. Could probably even help you out n imo you’re half way to pro status lol


I’m sure I could learn a lot brother I’m no expert by far and only pass along my experiences @Tonyb
And I will definitely look it up brother man
Thanks for the kind words


It’s an awesome video. I’m very impatient, having to learn patience again. Lol


@Countryboyjvd1971 hey those kind words are based off what I see. I don’t say things unless I think they’re true and earned. Same way I manage in the restaurant. So really no need to thank me. Your grows are awesome n make me envious :wink: just trying to pass on any knowledge I can and give credit where credit is due :smiley:


He has alot make sure you watch the one where he walks through his methods step by step


Ok so I watched the video with the computer tower and lst very impressive @Tonyb I am now subscribed to his channel lol
Thanks for turning me on to him brother
I’ll check out more when I can


That video is really the most important one, the rest are just him basically showing the results of his grows. But that’s how growing my NLA in my Frankenstein cash crop 5.0. Hoping I can do as well as him on my first grow n pull out 2 zips off her ;). TBH I’m hoping to out do him since it’s a bit more space, it’s dwc, n I have a fair amount more light than him.
With the help of everyone on this forum I’m pretty confident I’ll do as well if not better :wink:


I’ve got one more fan question. Ordering an air cooled ballast & it hooks up similar to my exhaust . How many cfms would I need to air cool my light?


I’ve already got as many pics of my girls as I’ve got of my kids. Lol
On cfls for a week due to bad ballast. How are they looking?



Starting to grow nicely. How did you set up the cfls?


Refresh my memory what size fan you have now for exhaust because you can connect filter to hood with a short piece of flex duct so you can mount filter and still move light up and down
Then it will pull exhaust air threw hood and out of tent
Same fan :+1:


I’ve three sets of three . Two on top and one you couldn’t on side. This is so much fun!


So I can come off exhaust where? I’ve got carbon filter on one side & vented under house on other side. Fans like a 390-400 cfms


Remove filter attach price of flex from that point to vented hood and from other side of hood to filter hang filter in tent :+1:
No need for another fan


Sorry, I’m a d.a.where electricity ,fans, ect. are concerned. The carbon filter doesn’t need to be attached to anything? Hubby wants for whatever reason to get an enclosed one so if I tried this would it work as well? We’ve already reached 92° here, and as you know temps have been a B. That’s why we’re considering the reflector.


Oh so you have a free standing type filter yeah then inline exhaust fan to vented hood and your good exhaust tent air out as you have been then you should be fine that way
With heat
Smell is another issue imo but if it doesn’t matter for you then no worries Laura


As always many thanks. Trying to learn all this but honestly have tried to learn allthe basics and didn’t realize I need to be an electrician, a botinist and a farmer. I grew many years ago outside when only worries was fertilizer, water, & cops. Nowdays I can’t grow enough outside for all the rabbits and as soon as recognized the neighbors. Rabbits love the tender babies & once I was sitting watching a football game with plant right outside my window & slowly saw it being raised over roof. By the I got outside the plant was halfway in door of car with two kids screaming go,go, go. What ya gonna do?


Hahahha that’s a funny story
I hear you I had issues with my first indoor as well because much like yourself I was a outdoor grower many years ago
It’s all good I’m lucky to be a trade guy an I the HVAC trade you need to know about electric plumbing etc
As far as the rest it’s a learning curve for me as well
I’m by far an expert grower but in the time I’ve been here I have learned more than I can tell you right now
And I help other to pay it forward in time you’ll be doing the same @Laurap
And yeah inside you won’t need to worry about snot nosed teenagers steal your crop :grin::v:️:+1:CB


Yeah between the rabbits, kids,and adults even with two German Shepherds in yard couldn’t keep enough for self. I decided to go indoors when they resorted to the roof. Now, no one knows about them🙌