Amnesia Haze & AK-47 seedling


Thanks, looking for a heavy duty surge protector. Can you recommend one?


Off the top of my head I can’t but I would got to Home Depot and I’m sure you can find one there just know you wattage of the lights so you can get one size correctly most boxes will stated max wattage and amperage on them in description
I bought 20 amp & I want to say 2000 watt protectors
They won’t be the cheaper ones that are on shelf unfortunately


Thanks, headed to h Depot after work. Just needed to know amps ect


If you get cfls to hold you over… Then you can use them later for side lighting xD!


Good point @Tonyb


I’m putting up the CFLs tonight. Ordering another ballast tomorrow & mfg is to send me another one so now I have a backup. In a way this was good as I didn’t know squat about amps or watts as I thought it was like the lamp I screw a bulb into and can use any watt, considering heat , lights ect. Learning day by day and none have been disastrous thanks to y’all’s help. Forever grateful


Look up intelligent stoner on YouTube. He uses side lighting n lsting soooooo well


Appreciate it :grinning:. I’ll be to lsting soon and as everything else haven’t a clue. The next girls I wanna try are tall & need to be trained with the scrog method. Became a regular at home Depot and going to look at trellises? Or fencing? You’re a great help and joy to see you.
Happy Growing😎


Can you give me any info on if by using CFLs in place of broken ballast for my will delay the vegetative process or would schedule be same. Just started exploring CFLs due to emergency. Same schedule? I’ve just started the first week of veg. Also, while I’m here, with six plants due to lighting problems would it be a good idea to extend veg?


You should veg until they look rdy for the flip Imo. I don’t ever really count veg days, I measure height because I have height constraints out the waazhoo. But you can think the same way. You have a tent correct? Probably 5 or 6ft tall minus the pots height and the ballast at the tippy top minus the space the plants need in-between the light, probably leaves you with like 4ft-3.5ft of actual grow space. If plants double in size when flipped to 12-12, you can get em like a ft n a half tall before switching to bloom. If you do it that way you have more time to top them n get em bushier, build a scrogg, n the longer in veg the greater the end yield will be. Basically I’m just trying to say don’t think about veg as a set time you have to follow, think of it as the time you have to get the plants rdy for bloom. Just get em healthy bushy n as many tops that’ll make colas to the top of the plants before they out grow the space you have.


Thank you as always! Got t5 set up with your setup. I just didn’t know if due to having to switch lights the veg would be longer. Been researching veg & think it also depends on # of beans trying to grow. That’s a good rule of thumb to judge transition. I’ve already told hubby it would be longer but he’s already salivating over them. Lol


You kinda get what I was trying to get across? I had just woke up when I wrote that :stuck_out_tongue:


N if you want you can veg for a month switch n just get 6 smaller plants. You really have to base it on space imo. You can veg a plant for a year, you’ll just have a 12 ft monster to deal with by the end of it :wink:


Switching the lights should not increase veg time
It’s more of art learning to read your plants
I don’t use actual days to determine when to flower your plants will tell you when they are ready
With photos you can veg longer to get a bigger plant is all
As Long as your say 7 weeks from seed you should be ok to change light to flower schedule it all depends on how big of a plant your looking for @Laurap
It has nothing to do with how many beans your growing FYI
@Tonyb is in point with its more about the room you have to work with
And good morning guys


N tell him patience is the hardest part of growing so start practicing it lol. You got probably damn near 4 months until harvest n the a good month of drying n curing before your product will be A1


N top piggy back off of countryboy, you could switch to bloom now, you’ll just have lil midget plants that might have n 8th each on them


N morning bro. Hope everything is going swell xD @Countryboyjvd1971


Yeah, thanks guys and good morning @Countryboyjvd1971, this makes much more sense. Sorry as I was getting cobwebs out as well.
That video on lsting was great. Thanks for your help!


It’s amazing how he gets 2 zips off one auto growing in a hollowed out pc tower. It’s all because of his lsting and side lighting


For sure training makes a huge difference @Tonyb I think we all learn that one fast hahaha as we all want the most out of our grows
@Laurap the first 30 days or so are the slowest part of your grow after that they start to grow fast you’ll get growth spurts that will be 2 inches a day after flipping to flower lol
I swear sometimes I can see them growing lol even though I know I can’t :grin::cowboy_hat_face::v: