Amnesia Haze & AK-47 seedling


Hubby goes with me & we uwh & ahh the babies so nobody’s able to find us for hours.
Yeah already got it bad, but what a wonderful feeling to get!:sunglasses:


I’ve gone from total bliss to shear OMG. Couple days ago had a power surge & lights went off. I unplugged & plugged back in five or do minutes later. The last two mornings the light has taken five or more minutes to come on. I fear the ballast I’d going out so I’m going to order another Wed bit won’t come till Fri. Got caught before payday & best I can do. Lakewood said to look into CFLs t5 & t8. So far all I’ve found are folks putting one of reg CFLs. Have you ever used these & any idea of what I’m looking for? Going back to my search on these. I knowy girls can’t go that far. Ironic, I’ve been busily buying backup fans , bulbs, ect in case something went wrong but never thought about this.


You can find good CFL light systems on esty. I got 200w 2 bulb thing. You want like 6500k spectrum for veg and 2700k-3500k for bloom. I read somewhere that for veg it doesn’t matter as much what spectrum cfls so for bang for your buck you could just get all 2700k cfls… I’m new to growing though n just read that on a site so don’t quote me on that. Give me a sec n I’ll post a link for some CFL setups

#44 I got mine from this guy it’s well build n they’re cheap


Thanks Boo, everytime I think nothing else could possibly go wrong, BAM! I bought backup of everything but ballast! Only need CFLs for a week so need asap, can’t order for fear ballast will go.


Look at his design n go to home Depot n try to replicate. I’m not handy like that so… Ya lol


Good looking out @Tonyb.
Glad he squared you away @Laurap


Thanks for having my back. Hubby says we can hook up all we need at home Depot. Phew this is attainable😀


Ya home Depot got all that stuff… I just don’t work with tools well xD


This is really weird. Went to h Depot & got some t5 in case ballast goes out before I receive another one. Girls get up at 7pm due to heat here. So, hear ballast come on, no lights. Darn, gonna have to hook up the t5 and then hubby disconnected timer & plugged in & lights came on. Tonight gonna try to manually turn on & see what happens. Is it possible my timers the problem or am i just wishing? Ordering ballast anyway, don’t like getting caught with pants down. Lol


Could be the timer,could have a faulty connection, be careful


There so young still you could leave them on 24/7. I mean it won’t help with your heat… But if it stays on you know it’s the timer not the ballast. Could save you a chunk of change on getting a new ballast. Yours is brand new basically, I don’t think it should be having problems. If it is don’t they come with some kind of warranty? Probably could get your money back.


Love my girls! Be contacted mfg about ballast but nothing back yet.

just think I love em but also will canabilize them. Lol


There’s always someone at home so hopefully all will go well. Truly hope it’s timer a whole lot cheaper and would do less harm. Had power surge & after that ballast comes on but lights won’t with everything plugged into timer. Maybe fried


@Laurap it can definitely be the timer you need to make sure timer can handle wattage of you lights you may have burnt it up internally
All timer have a amp and wattage rating on them
Make sure you get one that can handle you wattage
I wouldn’t use that timer anymore myself just from a fire safety hazard if you find light work fine with out it
Please be careful electrical fires are no joke
Good luck :+1: :cowboy_hat_face: CB
Oh and on the bright side you have a back ballast or you can pick up a second light and double down on your grow :grin::+1:


Pretty sure it’s timer. We’ve manually turned on & off & works . Been working on getting all my back up think about all covered with exception on another exhaust fan which is saved for later on Amazon. Lol


Sorry forgot to tell you got a heavy duty timer on it’s way.


Cool @Laurap happy growing


Guess I’m the perpetual optimist. Tonight plugged in lights manually, nothing. Fan in ballast comes on so wait a few plug in nothing. Did his three or four with only ballast fan coming on with third giving a flicker and fourth coming on. Even thought this is working now, should I switch to CFLs until Fri when ballast come in? Also mfg is sending replacement ballast but no idea when that will be. I know we’ll back up, back up, back up😀


I think I would need to say yes out of a safety concern @Laurap it sounds like you may have a short in the ballast and I would be worried it may over heat
Not trying to scare you Hun but I deal with electrical equipment all day at work and a short can catch fire at any time
So my recommendation would be change out lights temporarily just to be safe a few ounces of mj isn’t worth burning down your house IMO