Amnesia Haze & AK-47 seedling


Sorry for the delay @Laurap
I would leave them as they are until you see roots coming out of those pods
Then put into small pots or solo cups with some holes for drainage
Get lights a little closer if possible
What are your thoughts @bob31 @BIGE @kabongster


Yep concur with that @Countryboyjvd1971 thanks for the tag @Laurap

If you have questions or concerns about your grow just post them here and tag some of us if no one answers. I’m jumping all over the place trying to keep up, lol!



It gets daunting doesn’t @bob31 a few minutes away and bam you have 300 posts to read hahaha


sounds good…I am moving away from using pressed peat pots for transplanting…too many times since I started checking there is left over peat pot that never degraded in the 5 gallon pots I use…that wall of compressed peat has hindered root growth.


I have also stopped using them @kabongster what are you doing instead just soil or perlite mix


It depends on the medium to grow in…hydro DWC I start in rock wool and move that to a 6" net pot when ready…soil less grows like Pro Mix BX I would transplant into a solo cup with a Pro Mix starter…a soil grow would also be a solo cup of Pro Mix or some other seedling starter.


Ok cool I use soil and perlite mix myself in a solo cup
Haven’t tried the DWC thing but I’m thinking about it
Not sure I have the time to check water and what not every day though


and you will check the water…your first grow you’ll wake up wanting to check and adjust…and it’ll change as you go thru your workday…drinking water, eating, changing pH because of the changing root chemistry, changing ppm…you will deserve a white scientist’s coat when you harvest, and you will know lots more about nutrient uptake, when and why.


I think I’ll have to wait on all that lol maybe when I retire and can spend more time with them hahahha


Thanks guys, I’ve lowered lights to 20", put clear top on them and keeping fingers crossed. Little prayer doesn’t hurt. All girls are a pretty green and I’ve kept H20 @ 6.5ph.
Big thanks to @bob31, @kabongster, @Hawkeye_diesel and you well know thanks @Countryboyjvd1971.


This is the pic of there plants

garrigan62ILGM_Moderator - Bergman’s Lab VIP

I fixed your image for ya…hope you don’t mind.

Now that we can see them Matt your right on again my friend…they need to be transplanted asap and bury them 1/4 inch from the top. Get some potting soil with the least nutrients s posable.




Can I cover excessive height to qtr inch below leaves


Yes you can



One more quick question if I may: should transplant take place before resting or right before waking?
Thank you for you help! Might not be a Charlie Brown Xmas after all. Lol


After they wake say an hour. And sorry about the. delay in my response



I have already transferred them but did it right before their waking. The Amnesia Haze is curling a little so H2O​ was drying out in just the peat and had been watering (misting) three to four times daily.
Using distilled H20 with 6.5 PH


Don’t know about y’all, but I’m a proud mom! They’re mesmerizing, in morning I open up the tent and just look at them after they’ve had breakfast getting fresh air. I loose all track of time.
Thank Everyone for getting me this far😀


I know the feeling lol @Laurap
Wait you’ll loose whole days once the buds start forming lol
Happy growing


Lol. Yeah girls get up at 7pm and I’m getting to bed later already. Can’t wait for harvest. Never had either of the strains I got from ILGM. You’ll probably see me at all hours cause like you said the further I get the more excited I am. Already can’t wait to do this all over again!:raised_hands:


Hahahha so your addicted to growing now also
It happens to the best of us yeah my wife tell me all the time when I tell her I’m running down to check the girls quickly she laughs and says see you in a few hours lmao