Amnesia Haze & AK-47 seedling


My tallest girl is 19" from stem to top. How far above them should it be? Can’t go to store as I’ve got a 5 speed and blew out left acl in knee


Just a follow up. When I use 3 part; I use it full strength as mention in the article, from the beginning. If you wanrt to start with 400-500 ppm instead, you can do that. increasing to 800-1000 in week 4-5 of veg, and then to 1200 in flower. Mixed at full strength My reservoir with my RO water was approx. 1500


Screen should be placed about 25 inches off the floor of tent and you’ll let the plant grow up to it start tucking the stems under so the plant grows sideways justvkeep tucking if they poke through you can use garden ties or string to keep stem in place or you can weave them in and out of screen ? Keep tucking till you get threw second week of 12/12 when the branches start to harden up
Theirs a guide on the scrog method in the guide section of the forum @Laurap
hope this helps justvsaw the post
Happy growing :v:️CB


Thanks for the info. I put girls into transition but they’re already too tall I think to scrog. Two are already 19" from bottom of stem to top. So guess I’ll let and hope for best.:grinning:


Morning, got a basic question. My girls are in first week flowering. I’ve been unable to get humidity under 60%. I know target is 40% humidity.
Do I need to worry


You should be ok and you want about 50-55 % To my knowledge not 40 which is really dry @Laurap
@bob31 thoughts on this


You have no idea how much I love your answer. Can’t afford a dehumidifier right now and 55-60 is best I’ve been able to do. Two months to go, Yippee, already planning next grow. Will order seeds end of month.


Lol nice @Laurap


Been a while since I’ve read something from you. I was wondering how your lady’s were. For me humidity is hard af to get in optimal zones because ive been growing in cabinet grow boxes, so I basically roll with what I can get. 55-60 seems like it would be fine though. After the stretch you can start trimming bottom third of the plant which in my experience helps air flow n humidity.


I ordered my first tent, just a small 2x2 one last Sunday, so I’m hoping environment control starts becoming easier for me. Just waiting on them to ship it… Ordering right before a holiday was probably poor planning on my part… They still haven’t sent out the email saying it’s been shipped. Hopefully I’ll get one today at one point.


Good to see you! Started flowering Monday. Here’s pic





No kidding aye? Pretty awesome grow LauraP is this your second? I recall you from a while back having issues or something?


This is my first indoor grow ever. Many years ago I grew outside, but two legged predators kept trying to wipe me out. Figure harvest end of August. Had lots of temp problems till I got cooling tube. Now it’s humidity as I can’t seem to get under 60-70%


Hmmm dehumidifier? 60 or 70 with a 600w (I presume) cool tube is nuts… turn that fan up, usually gets mine down a good 10 %


Fans are already on high, got three plus exhaust. Looking online for dehumidifier


More fans?


I meant the exhaust fan on high if it’s not already, besides that dehumidifier is the best and pretty much only option to my knowledge although more lights also works until lights out


I’m in ncentral Texas & humidity has been as high as temp for three weeks. So, I bought a cooling tube with a 260 cfm sucking air thru , two small fans to circulate and exhaust