Amnesia Haze & AK-47 seedling


Oh that sucks weekend are when you guys make your $$ sorry to hear you’ll be off your feet for the weekend but you need to do you first
Can you get a pic of that top the one that’s still only growing one :point_up:️ sometimes it takes a few days I’ve had them show up a day or two apart after topping




Little hard to see with my eyes but I’d give it a few more days and see what happens


As I said the amensia taking longer to show two stalks, so im going o keep looking. If nothing changes should I leave her the same


How tall is you tent or actually what’s the space from the bottom of the stalks to the highest point at where the plants can be to ur light? U use hps right? I’m not sure what kind of clearance those light need from the tops, I’ve only ever used led CFL n t-5’s. But plants will at least double in size so the 20 inch ones will probably get like 40 inches tall at least. Flip when they’re tall enough that you won’t outgrow your tent


Total 72" but gotta figure light at 20". Doesn’t that knock me to 53" total?


Well measure from top of pot to where the light clearance starts. But if it’s 53 you can let em go a lil longer. Once ur knees better get out there with a tape measure. Maybe while ur benched make a scrogg. You can probably do all that sitting in a chair :wink: it’ll help control the height too


What type of fencing or lattice for scrog. Paranoid to try bit was also paranoid to topped but it was a success.


Also since I’ve got 15 to 19" girls what would desirable height of netting?


I would personally use mesh. My hydro store sells some but u being in the sticks idk what store would have that. @bob31 what do u use for ur scroggs?


That’s a good question. I’m a believer in SCROG, but I haven’t done one myself. This is only my second grow since returning to the hobby and prior to that was gorilla growing in the woods back in the '70’s.

I had limited space on my last grow, but I just went with a 3x3 tent so I plan on filling her up with a gotilla glue and a gold leaf!

This fall I will be be adding a second 3x3 tent so I’m working my way back up.

There are lots you can use for a scrog. Some guys use mesh, other guys make them out of string and basically string their own. Otherwise you can use fencing too. My local hardware store sells this plastic coated mesh fencing that would make a perfect scrog net!



Iknow I need something to tie around branches. Any suggestions


Did you see pics? Think we’re ready to transition? Neither grows to be a monster like chronic orvtrainwerck. Would really appreciate your opinion


She finally showing two tops. Yeah team!


they look great @Laurap

I’d let them go a couple of weeks after the fim and topping. Plus if youre gonna do ascrog the idea is to let then grow till they fill in the net. You have to tuck and work them as they grow till they fill the area.

So depends on what you want to do. If you want to get a smaller harvest, let them go the two weeks, then flip the lights to 12/12


I was looking at girls last night. On a couple of girls where the new growth has started after topping look kinda shriveled up. It’s just a leaf or two weird leaf on few. What is it?


I use plastic coated wire fgarden fence for my scrog screen it cheap and durable I’ll get years of use out of it and I can remove it easily if I don’t want it
Openings are 2 wide 4 long I have 4x4 tents I had a roll around the house but local hardware or garden centers should all carry it
Happy growing


Quick question. I noticed on some of the new growth on one plant one of it’s leaves are smaller kinda like they didn’t form correctly.
Do I need to be worried?
Also were at 19" from bottom of stalk. Tents 73" high. Should I wait to transition a week or so longer?


I’d wait a week. They shouldn’t out grow the tent especially since you just topped. That’ll bush em out some.