Amnesia Haze & AK-47 seedling


No more outside gardening for me. Tripped on garden bricks and Bam out goes the knee.


It did give me the week off as I work on my feet. Bad part is only time I seem to be able to take off is when I’ve hurt myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow I have a back issue that goes out whenever it wants to @Laurap so I understand but I will say just take it easy for a few days till your knees feel better then go back out into garden and take it easy lol
My back goes out for the dumbest reasons I bent over to pick up a branch that fell on the lawn once and got stuck that way was out of commission for two weeks that time lmao
Fell better :v:️:cowboy_hat_face:CB


Do you know a good place to purchase cbs? I’m in illegal state. Have heard can get nline and got email from Robert that he was selling them but erased message


I think if you go to the forums online store you can get it there if you wanted to
I’m also in a illegal state so no dispensary
Maybe @bob31 can help I know he uses the cdb oils


@bob31, morning was going to send pics of girls but blew out knee and can’t waiget any good pisc. Two of amensia are 19" rest are 15" tall
Topped two weeks ago and look like I missed one topped 4 and fim one. As soon as I can get low enough to send good pic I’ll do it.



@bob31, hi few pics couldn’t get to bottom and up blew out knee. Do you know where to get good cbds? Several family members my grandson with spinach bifida who has many seizures and possible cancer In hubby . Girls topped two weeks ago will try to send better pics but two are 19" and rest are 14".
Many thanks


Looking good! The prospect of a good first harvest will hopefully make your knee heal faster! Get better soon!


Thanks, just can’t play with them.


Some times that’s for the best. To much attention on em isn’t always good


As long as you can look at them @Laurap
That always makes me feel better haha


Yes it does. Tried my hand at topping. Four got topped one got fired the other I don’t know. Lol, may have missed her. Lol


in MA we have Medical MJ. So we get ours at the dispensary and almost all of it has some THC in it. The good CBD oil that I get has a 2:1 CBD to THC the last batch last like 4:1 CBD to THC

But they still had some THC. If your state has MMJ you should look into that. I don’t recall where your located but to find out more google MMJ (Full words) and the name of your state.

For the family member with cancer the CBD and THC combo would be ok. But if your state doesn’t have MMJ you may have to make a roadtrip to a legal state

oh yeah @Laurap I forgot ILGM is selling it now!


Unfortunately mmj is legal two states away. Aren’t there different types of cbds for different things. I accidentally deleted email but can’t find it yet.


The post above has the link. Just click on the picture it will take you right to it. I would try that.

The CBD oil is changing and improving constantly as is the testing of the ingredients. Most right now only tell you how much CBD and THC are in each one.

You can also make your own. It isn’t hard to do, but it takes a bit of MJ to get enough of the oil. The CBD oil that ILGM is selling is from hemp and is supposed to be 50 state legal since there is no thc in it.


Thanks for all the information. Yeah they say it takes a pound to make two oz.gona send pics of girls to see what ya think. They’re not real good I blew out knee and hard to get low but thinking about going into transition. Height on girls 15" to 19"



Tried topping. Four topped, one fimed and one I don’t know. Lol


They are getting bushy @Laurap nice job
How’s the knee feeling? Better I hope


Better, won’t be able to work this week as I’m a bartender ( already serving spirits) and can’t be on knee that long. Courious question: I know I topped all girls but one is still growing just one. One of the looks to still have one stem. Did I not cut enough and should I just leave alone? My ak47s are growing like crazy but the amensia haze don’t seem to of taken as well as both types were topped two weeks ago. The 47s toppings are tall but amnesias are just coming in. The amnesias are 5" taller at 19". Go to transition? What about recently flocking them with de. Any harm?