Amnesia Haze & AK-47 seedling


Started my first indoor grow with the help of All the ilgm forums advice. Now, I’ve got 6 girls who just stuck their heads out & need advice. I’ve got them in peat pods. Do I put them in like a Solo cup (pods & all) or do I just leave them until I see roots ? Have almost overwatered once &don’t want to stress these girls out .
Please advise


Not sure my self i am a new grower my self. But these guys may be able to help @bob31 or @Hawkeye_diesel.


I am using rapid rooters at the moment, I wait till I see roots comin out or it before I put it in my hydro bucket or put in soil. I’ve used some kind of peat pellet and I had my seeds in there and already in the buckets from the start. Wait to let others weigh in an see what kind of ideas or suggestions you get


Thanks @Hawkeye_diesel, as you well know you’ve greatly helped me😎


Thanks @Hunter00!
HappyGrowing my friend


I only say to wait till you see root or you might get rlwhat galloped ro me. I put the seed I a pellet, saw a root coming from the bottom I planted it, and I guess the roots never came out of the side it had a really l9nf tsp root and some small shoots off of it and the plant was pretty short. I don’t know why the roots didn’t come out f the sides, but that’s only reason I wait till I see more roots now


Patience seems to be the hardest part. I will follow suit. They’re in tent do I need to cover?


How big are they? Seedlings like a high humidity and warm temps


Came up day before yesterday. Five are under inch but one of the AH girls is probably inch and half. I’ve let the temps in tent go up to 82-84° but they’re uncovered & 40" under 400MH light. Only pots I’ve got are large so what do I do? Also not sure if tallest would fit under package pods came in. If dome needed I’ll have to p/u one. I know I’ve already made mistakes & would like to avoid all I possibly can.


Maybe cut a big clear plastic 2 liter bottle of coke or pop bottle in half it could fit over ah act as a humidity dime maybe, see what others say


Very inventive, I’ll at least do that tonight. What lights do they need now & how far & how long


I’ll put mine in my humidity dome inside my timed under my 600w Mh. Then when they are ready I’ll put them into their pots


Many many Thanks


Hope I did this right @Countryboyjvd1971, pic


You did
How close are your lights I agree they look like they are streaching
Can you get light closer


Lights are 40" from plants. Think 20"?


Sorry what type and size @Laurap
Yeah looking like getting them closer will be your answer lol


Thanks! Should I put them into sm pots & cover tops a little?


Amnesia Haze and AK-47 . Three of each


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