Amnesia Haze AF 61 days

Here are two of my Amnesia Haze auto flowers, I planted the seeds in Foxfarm Ocean Floor potting soil on 4/07/17 so roughly it’s been about 61 days. The Shorter one (Maria) is 16 inches tall and she has been flowering about the last 22 days, I just checked her with the jewlers loupe and she is still mostly clear (maybe another week?) The taller one (Hazel) is 26 inches tall and she’s been slower to flower but she is flowering and I really wanted a staggered Grow anyway so it’s all good. Maria is really got a fantastic smell to her :+1: The differences I’ve noticed between Maria & Hazel other then Maria flowering Way sooner then Hazel are…
1, Maria’s leaves are a DARK green and waxy looking and they seem smaller then Hazel’s leaves, Hazel’s leaves are lighter color and doesn’t have the waxy look at all and her leaves look bigger to me.

2, Hazel is almost a foot taller then Maria and seems to of grown more open between branches and Maria is short and thick

Both of them seem very healthy to me with no nutrient problems but I am still a beginner so I could be wrong. Overall, so far I am happy with Amnesia Haze AF’s and the grow.


@Wishbone the flowering period for those is generally about 60 days. At best you’re still 4-6 weeks away. But you’ve got the right idea. keep looking at those trichomes!

Same plants different genes. Take 5 seeds and the first four will all be different. the 5th would likely be similar to one of the first 4.

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@bob31, guess I misunderstood, I thought auto flowers averaged around 10-11 weeks total from seed to harvest.

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The time they quoted on the websites is generally flowering time. I have seen autos finish in as quick as 90 days total… And I’ve got one now that’s at just shy of 150 days total. She going down this weekend though!


The one I am working on is just now starting to transition to flower and she sprouted 85 days ago. Now mainline, LST did delay, but she gonna be pretty. :sunglasses:


Thank you for clearing that up on the time quoted @bob31. I have been panicky that this cool weather stunted my girls. I look at other members photos of plants of similar age with with envy because they are tall and/or bushy. I’m 72 days in they are just starting to flower and are small which I know is partially due to lack of light in the beginning but I was afraid I really messed them up.

@Wishbone these look great.

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