Amnesia haze 600watt DWC

Hi this is my second grow. DWC. 600 watt. MH. anyone here know

why my leaves looking like this ?


This is normal during times of rapid growth. Usually for the first couple of weeks after flipping to 12/12, but it can happen at any time. Nothing to worry about, looks healthy. Enjoy! :smiley:

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thank you for that it makes me feel better


That’s a sign of how much your plants have grown in the last couple of hours… :wink:
They are happy… keep it up… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Also a sign of copper or iron deficiency not trying to scare you, just saying it could be :+1::wink:

Hi I was wondering if you have grown Amnesia before am if so how do you grow it. Hydroponically or soil. What light wattage any information you can provide would be awesome

@Hashassin yes by coincidence I have. I use soil, a custom blend of mine, with 1.5 cuft plain potting soil (no fertilizer) mixed, 1.5 cuft pearlite (no fertilizer), half of a 1.5cuft by of peat moss, and 1.5 cuft of compost, all mixed well, and I use around 400watts for a 2x4 space. I use FF trio for nutrients and I feed water water feed, usually when I’m at full strength nutrients I feed once a week and follow the FF schedule