Amnesia Hayes auto still in veg

I am growing two amnesia haze Auto plants the first one is doing fine and it’s in its 6th week of flowering The other plant is still in veg but huge. I was wondering what to do to get the Other plant-to bloom. Currently my light cycle is 24-0. Three days ago I put bloom on the plant. I have Reduce the light cycle to 12 and 12 for a week, didn’t help. Are there autos that just don’t bloom

I would leave the light cycle on 12/12 every plants different but it will bloom. Good luck

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I did that for like a week to ten days it still grew in veg

I had to Northern Lights under same conditions was about 4 weeks apart when they flowered. Just keep taking care of it it will surprise you.

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10 days isn’t really enough time to see a difference… more like 3 weeks of 12/12 and you could give the problem plant 24 hours of darkness and then go to 12/12 … should kick start it into flower… :wink:


12/12 IS the way to go.

In vain you used the 24/0 light cycle, it was a mistake, because of which, perhaps, there were problems with flowering. Put the light cycle 12/12, as everyone says and everything will be fine, just wait and it will surely bloom! Good luck to you!