Amnesia Auto - Oops - is it too late?

Hi all. I have a few grows under my belt but this is my first Auto (Amnesia). I didn’t realize until too late that you aren’t supposed to crop them. I did so at about 10 weeks, now at 11 weeks. Is there anything I can do to help her recover? Any way to slow down the process so my girl can still grow big and beautiful?

not really. chalk it up to experience and plant another.

Definitely will. I still have 4 of the 5 seeds I started with but I was hoping to salvage her.

Can we get pictures

@HornHead i tagged you in this same deal different thread. There is a pic there the supercropping topic

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All you can do is your best to nurse her through to maturity. Was she flowering when you did the deed? If she was still in veg I would not worry too much. The plant may stall for a couple of days while it recovers from the shock, but it should bounce back. Lots of growers on here top their autos with great success so you have a good chance of turning things around.

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