Amnesia auto. difficulties growing?

New member…first time post. Would like to introduce myself to everyone. I am NugFlush from Missouri. Thanks to recent changes in the state law, we are finally allowed to grow medically. :+1:. I am about 35 days into my first grow. I have 3 amnesia auto, and 3 Dreamberry auto. I have noticed my amnesia seem a lot more finicky than my dreamberry. I know it’s rare but I’m thinking possibly a boron deficiency with one of my amnesia, and another one seems to almost always have droopy leaves. If I underwater it a little it has droopy leaves or after I give it water it has droopy leaves. My dreamberry seem to be thriving and have been flowering about 7 days now. Amnesia is just showing signs of white pistils. Just wondering if others have had issues with this strain, as everything has remained constant in my garden. curious why one strain, (or more precisely)… one specific plant would show signs of suffering while others thrive. I’m using spider farmer sf 2000 and recently added a spider farmer sf 1000 to help with side lighting. 3 gallon fabric pots. Bottom half of pot is fox farm ocean forest, top half is fox farm happy frog. (Didn’t want my seedlings in “hot” soil). I wait till top inch of soil is dry before watering. Which has been about 2-3 days I water until small amount of runoff as I don’t want all my nutes in the soli washing away. Which right now is about 3-4 cups(8 oz) per plant. After day 21, I started adding about 2.5ml/gallon of earth juice hi brix molasses. Pics provided below. First two pics is what I suspect as boron deficiency. Thanks for any and all tips. Happy growing :evergreen_tree:

These pics are of the droopy amnesia

These are dreamberry. I think they’re looking all right :grin:

First pics of what I expect boron. It was my biggest baddest seedling. It came flying out of the ground and was healthy as a horse and was doubling the size and mass of its sisters. 5 nodes at 7” tall. About two weeks ago,it just stoped growing. All new leaves at future bud sites, the new growth was mutated and twisted growth and yellowing. Since then all my other planes have shot past it. It’s remained Green and what looks somewhat healthy besides the yellowing at new growth. I thought at first it was flowering little early(20 days). I seen new leaf growth coming out that almost looked like pistils…but actually it was just the twisted leaf growth. Any comments?

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I am new and just wanted to share this. You may already have it. :roll_eyes:

Would not suspect Boron issues from the pics. Do the leaves feel brittle and break apart if you rub them? Again, newbie here. Just reading all the tie and learning. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope it helps.

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Lol very ironic. Yes I do have that chart. And it’s that chart that made me think it was boron. Plus I searched boron pics and there’s a few pics on other sites and it looked identical to my issue. I used the chart you added and verified couple different symptoms that made me think boron. It has a rough brown corky looking stem. Idk tho. Leaves may be slightly brittle but not extreme and breaking off. Thought maybe it was light burn as well, this one was my biggest plant and was closer to light than others. Again…I don’t really know and appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

That’s a good one!

Fill this out. Others hopefully will come around and help. More experienced growers will ask you to do this!

Interested in what info you get.

Support ticket-

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One other thing, I didn’t see distance from light to canopy.

What is your light system that you have? Welcome the forum!

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Let me know if you need more info. Thanks

I have 2 Colorado cookies I am growing and one of them I have the same issues always looked droopy and finikey like makes me worried but I’m not sure

My first grow was Amnesia auto. Had issues all through flower got 4.5 oz from her but the buds are light and airy. Mine behaved the same way droopy leaves and some clawing also. Although I attribute the problems to my lack of experience.

Yea…well,I might have a little bit of inexperience as well. Did yours get yellow and twisted leaves at new growth sites? I’ve read where it’s difficlt to grow this strain outdoors, but found nothing saying it was just as difficult growing indoor. Outdoor is difficult Cuz apparently this strain likes long warm falls during flowering.

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To answer question from above. My lights are 18” above canopy. But previously may have been closer than that. But I’ve been keeping it 18” to 20”

Yeah it was getting pale green/yellow new growth leaves that twisted. By the time it got close to harvest most of the fan leaves had died off.

Hey @registereduser Currently growing Amnesia as well. First timer, here! She is almost 6 weeks into flowering. Figured have about 2 -3 weeks left. I am in “Pot 4 Pot” set up. Things were seemingly going well, then quickly leaves began to get very light, yellowish. Seems you and @NugFlush are describing a similar situation. I haven’t added any nutes since P4P says not to add any. Since I am potentially close to harvest, should I add some Cal-Mag or some Nitrogen at this stage?


@PP3121. I’m not the nest at giving advice yet. But I’d be cautious about giving too much nitrogen during flowering. I’m sure others can you give you more confident answer.

I’m just now entering flowering. No buttons yet…just good cluster of white pistils popping. Again…like I said, others will be better at recommendations. But being just a few weeks from harvest…the leaves may just have had all the nutes and energy sucked out of them as they are at end of life cycle. Maybe give it some PK but myself I’d be cautious this close to harvest But I could be totally wrong. And if I am… hopefully someone will respectfully chime in with their opinion. Best of luck @PP3121. Keep me informed as you are about 6 weeks ahead of me and would love to see the progress

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My AmH did ok until it got late into flower that’s when it started having real issues. I do attribute some of these issues to the plant getting near the end of its life. Are your buds dense and solid? Do you have any pics you can share? Mine stalled in flower for a bit but I think that was my fault for being stingy with water. It was a living soil grow and I should have watered more than I did. I also had heat issues that I couldn’t overcome so I left my tent open to keep the heat under control which led to airy buds. I don’t know that there is a lot you can do this late into flower to correct any issues. I think my plant should have gone a bit longer but there was no way she could have survived. First grow is a steep learning curve.

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