Amino acids for flowering

Hey guys , can i use this liquid fertilizer for the week 4 of flowering ?

For the benefits of amino acids ! I want to just give the plants one dose of this fertilizer then i will continue to give my plants PK booster

Please ur help dear masters :sunglasses:

Aminos are always good I give a dose of athena aminos every week up until 2 weeks from harvest

Great bro are u using them with the pk boosters or just aminos ?

Of course more aminos means stronger intake always good to give a boost of nutes

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I think aminos can be beneficial but looking at your ingredients i see cadmium, lead, chrome all those are toxic. Not sure if I would intentionally put those in something I plan on ingesting or inhaling


Impello makes lumina which is amino acids for cannabis plants. It smells like soy sauce lol. It says it is for fixing problems and or deficiencies from my memory of reading it. I do add a small amount once a week to my nutrient mix. It was a free sample.for buying the 175 dollar bottle of tribus original

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